How To Keep Your Baby Safe While Traveling

When it comes to babies, parents consider their personal car the safest means of transportation. And they are right, as long as all the proper safety measures are being implemented correctly.

For instance, a parent should never, ever install their babies car seat in the front seat! While some may think this would be easier to supervise the child, the front seat is highly dangerous for a developing baby. Even the tiniest bump in traffic could hurt the child’s head or body, and it can result in serious trauma for the child and a car accident could be fatal. After all, even an adult may bump the back of their head and sustain bruises from the seatbelt if someone rear-ends the car in traffic. Accidents happen and you must be responsible for the safety of all your passengers, especially if one of them is a young child!

The safest place for a baby, in the car, is in the car seat. This device was created with the safety of your child in mind, but in order to provide the perfect protection, it has to be installed correctly in the backseat of your car. It also has to fit the baby’s size and the straps must be secured as specified by the producer.

If you’re not exactly sure how and why the car seat must be installed a certain way, here is a very well-detailed infographic:car seat info

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