Baby Backseat Smartphone Holder

Have you ever had a screaming baby in the backseat of your car? If not can I know your secrets? The Cool Mika Baby Backseat Smartphone Holder lets you give them something entertaining to watch when they’re stuck in their forward or rear facing infant car seat. Slip your smartphone into the holder and play their favorite video or educational baby app.

The Baby Backseat Smartphone Holder comes with two different length (18″ and 60″) mounting straps which will allow a variety of mounting locations (front or back headrest, center armrest, around a bucket seat, around a split fold down seat). They can be trimmed for a custom fit and can also be connected in series to be 78″ long.

The holder is great for short trips in the car, when I don’t have time to grab our big DVD player. I also use it in the stroller for an on the go show when we are out and about!

  • Flexible neoprene backing holds most smartphones with up to 4.3in screens
  • Reflective band helps you locate it in the dark
  • Clear plastic window allows use of the touchscreen
  • 4 speaker sound port holes let out sound
  • 2 mounting straps allow multiple mount locations
  • Crash tested for safety

Buy It: You can purchase the Cool Mika Baby Backseat Smartphone Holder for 25.00!


  1. Well, that is something! At least I can now watch videos or movies just looking straight and not looking at my lap. At least it is less of a hassle.

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