Back to School Hydration With CamelBak

Disclosure: The bottles in the feature below were sent compliments of CamelBak!

Temperatures are beginning to rise and will continue to do so as students prepare to head back to school. Proper hydration is essential for brain function and concentration. In addition to pencils, binders and books, water bottles are on my back to school shopping list. All the teachers around here encourage kids to bring a reusable water bottle with them to school every day- so we do!

IMG_7804CamelBak’s eddy bottle is the perfect back-to-school companion; spill-proof, portable and comes in a wide array of colors, letting each student pick a bottle that compliments their own personal style. Each and every morning I fill each of the three boys bottles with ice and add a tiny bit of water. This allows them to have water almost all day as the ice melts.

IMG_7807Even just 2% dehydration can leave your child feeling sluggish which can lead to lack of concentration. Proper hydration will help students focus, stay alert, maintain a good attitude and keep them eager to learn.  Sending them to school with a water bottle makes it a bit easier for them to drink water regularly throughout the day to ensure their energy, focus and concentration remain at their peak.

IMG_7810Buy It: You can purchase the CamelBak Eddy bottle for 13.95 from

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says

    I could use one of these to just keep filled for my grandson since he drinks so much fluids. He would love several of these filled with water but he likes just a bit of flavoring with his

  2. Mary Happymommy says

    I really like the fact that they’re spill proof.

  3. A Camelbak bottle would be great for me to have at the gym during my workouts, especially since it’s spill proof.

  4. I need new water bottles for my girls. I love all the colors these come in!

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