Barney: Dance with Barney

Disclosure: I received a copy of Barney: Dance with Barney.

Barney: Dance with Barney

Get your groove on and dance along to the beat with the all-new Barney: Dance with Barney arriving on DVD May 21, 2013 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and HIT Entertainment. Everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur Barney and his dino friends Baby Bop™ and BJ™ share their most loved dance moves, build confidence by learning new steps and have fun dancing dino-style!

Have a tee-riffic time when you move and groove with Barney and his friends! Join Barney and learn many different types of dance, from hip hop to ballet to folk dance and more, and watch as his friend Jamal builds the confidence to give them a try too! Then Barney and his friends explore movement and have a ball as they wiggle, waddle, hop and bop together! Don’t miss a beat and come along for a dino-mite, dino-dancing good time!

Episodes include:

  • “Dancing”
  • “Movin’ Along”
  • “Dance With Me”

Bonus Features Include:

  • The Barney Boogie Music Video
  • Lookie, Lookie, It’s A Cookie Karaoke Music Video
  • Happy Dancing Karaoke Music Video

Buy It: You can purchase Barney: Dance with Barney at a DVD retailer near you starting May 21, 2013!

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  1. My sister loved Barney growing up so I am anxious to add a few special Barney DVDs to my nephews growing collection!

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