BigJigs Rail: Town & Country Train Set

For 25 years BigJigs has been famous for their amazing train sets in Europe and now they are bringing that expertise to the States! There are certain toys that every single child needs to experience. In that long list is a train track set!

BigJigs sent us their Town & Country Train Set to check out. The set comes with 101 pieces and allows your little one to build a huge world just for their trains, cars and small action figures.

I am always afraid of things like this because of set up but the Town & Country Train Set surprised me with how easy it was to put together! Upon opening the large box I found two smaller ones and a easy to read set of instructions. In one box was all the rail pieces and in the other box was the trains, trees, buildings and other scenery pieces!

The instructions were super easy and our tracks were all set up with in 10 minutes of opening the box!

After adding the scenery around the tracks my husband and I sat back and looked at our masterpiece!

The detail alone that has gone into this set is amazing. From the post office, to the train station to each apple tree- this set would be perfect for both kids and collectors!

I love watching my kids play with the Big Jigs Rail: Town & Country Train Set it really encourages them to use their imagination to build their own town, road and train tracks and then they get to chug along the tracks they’ve designed – over bridges, under overpasses, and finally stopping at the orchard to pick apples or the post office to deliver mail!

Buy It: You can purchase the Bigjigs Town and CountryWooden Train Set for 69.95!


  1. My son would love this train set!

  2. My 4yr old would adore this entire set. I love the wooden details!

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