Boon Squirt: The Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Boon LogoEmmitt loves to eat. The only thing he loves more than eating, is eating fast! Lots of times I actually can not keep up with how fast he wants the next bite! This is a complete new experience for me because I have never had a baby that liked baby food before. I knew about the Boon Squirt because we had bought one for Ethan to try to get him to like baby food- but he would not eat any kind of baby food, from any sort of utensil.

Like all Boon products the squirt is very unique! It is a pretty neat ‘spoon’ like utensil.

Features Include:
Dispenses baby food one bite at a time
Convenient one-handed feeding
Includes cap for storage
Large easy-to-clean bulb holds up to 3 oz of baby food
Great for on-the-go
BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
Recommended age: 4+ months
Dimensions: 2″ x 7.2″ x 2″

The white spoon tip unscrews and you pour your jar of baby food into the Squirt bulb and then replace the spoon top.

I highly suggest you use something that does not have chunks in it or else you may end up with a splattered mess. Even though I have used the Squirt before I forgot about this and put a food into the Squirt with chunks in it.

Once your, non chunky baby food is in the Squirt you are pretty much ready to go. Stick your baby in their highchair and gently squeeze your Squirt until the spoon is filled with baby food. Feed that to your baby and then squeeze again! No need to keep dipping into the jar!

Emmitt really enjoyed the Squirt. I love that it allows me to keep up with him- and is so easy to use. I was worried there would be a waste of food left in the Squirt bulb, so when I was done I opened it up and scrapped it all out with a spoon, there was less than 1/4 of a teaspoon in it. The Squirt washes well and comes with a cap to keep the spoon clean if you want to tuck it in your diaper bag for travel! Plus it comes in multiple colors!

Seriously look at how happy he is! Boon Squirt for the win!

You can purchase a Boon Squirt of your own at for 9.99.


  1. Here’s yet another Boon product I’ll be getting for my nephew when he’s at the appropriate age. What won’t they think of next?

  2. I have seen these in the store and wondered if they worked or not.

  3. That’s a really neat little gadget – and your son is adorable!

  4. Canadian Mom Blogger says

    Interesting concept. That would have been handy when my kids were younger.

  5. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I wish I had had this when my children were babies

  6. Michelle Hofer says

    That looks like something I would use.

  7. angie lilly aka tofu fairy on fb says

    I don’t have kids but I love love love Boon! I really love their Glo!!! OMG want it! LOL!

  8. Betty Baez says

    Very neat! Where was this when my kids where babies

  9. Pamela Halligan says

    My friend is expecting, so I’ve been looking for a different, useful gift for her baby shower. Thanks for giving me a great idea.

  10. Another cool item from Boon! I would love to have this! I am NOT a mess person!! So I would be more willing to let Big Sis feed herself with “messy food” if she had something like this, where the food is concealed.

  11. I’m putting it down on my list to buy when my LO starts on baby food. By the way, your baby is adorable. Love the hungry/happy face.

  12. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Wow what a great idea. Love the fact you have no mess. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Vanessa Coker says

    This has got to be one of the coolest ideas for moms ever! So neat.

  14. I Like Boon ^^

  15. ellen beck says

    I saw one of these the other day. I was pretty impressed by it. It looks well made and effective.

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