Bright Starts Baby’s Play Place Deluxe

Bright Starts has done it again! The Baby’s Play Place Deluxe is all you need from birth to 2! This soft colorful space adapts to your growing baby’s needs and provides endless ways to play. The wall reconfigures so you have the mat lay flat, or create a safe ‘box’ environment for your newborn. I believe this is the best multi-purpose baby item we have, that is guaranteed to be useful for many baby stages!

The Play Place is perfect for a newborn with the walls up. I feel perfectly safe letting Emmitt lay in this on the floor because the walls protect him from the other playing kids. A normal mat or blanket the kids forget Emmitt is laying on and he almost gets smushed and I prefer Emmitt unsmushed! Emmitt loves being here, propped up on the tummy time play pillow and falls asleep quite frequently after getting in a good hour of tummy time.

When Emmitt is big enough to wiggle around, I can remove the walls and turn it into a mat, while keeping the toys attached. When he is too big for the toy bar on top, the bar is removable and the Play Place Deluxe become a very functional play mat!  You can purchase the Baby’s Play Place Deluxe from Bright Starts for 79.99!


  1. Mama Chocolate says

    Wow, this is a cool deal! I have a Baby Einstein one that someone gave us, but it’s not nearly so versatile!

  2. This is so cool I have not seen this any where. I’m going to be a grandma in July. So I’m starting to look at baby stuff again. Since it has been so long it is nice that I can turn to you for such great reviews.

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  4. Dianna Thomas says

    Ok– now I need to be start looking for one of these–Pierce is moving around,and rolling one direction and sort of reaching for his mobil in his crib

  5. That’s a great invention. I always wonder how people come up with such good ideas.

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    It’s great how new things are being invented for babies that are practical, colorful, safe, multipurpose and inviting all-in-one!

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