You Can’t Childproof Everything: Tips On Damage Control

Children seem to find new and novel ways to break things and confound a household with each passing generation. Indeed, technological innovation makes this a rule of development, rather than the exception. The likelihood is, as lovable as your bundles of joy are, as beautiful and hopeful as their promise of a new generation is, they are going to do just as you did when in childhood: through inexperience and exuberance, tear around and accidentally break a whole bunch of things.kid While you can prevent against some exigencies by thinking ahead of them, you can’t prevent everything. Even if you put a grating over the drain to help curtail clogs, one of the twins might still decide to try and flush a bottle of glue down to see what happens. Sure, you did not expressly prohibit him from pouring glue down the drain–you didn’t think you’d have to! Some things just don’t seem to require saying; no mother would ever conceive that tying a rope to the ceiling fan and the cat’s tail is something she would one day have to expressly forbid; but even as you manage the fallout of twin one and the glue, you realize the thumping sound accompanied by a cat’s angry yowl indicates twin two has taken advantage of your absence. What’s a mother to do? Following are some tips on saving money in the clean-up, even if you can’t keep the kids from exploring the limits of your patience.

Have Repairmen On file

If you’re in Basking Ridge, NJ and have young ones, you should know where plumbing repair in Basking Ridge can be found affordably and reliably. While you’re at it, you should probably have a trustworthy electrician filed away somewhere, as well as a carpet-cleaning service. Make a list of areas where you think there could possibly be an upset in the near future. It may not even be the fault of your children; adults are as apt to make a mistake as anyone, though they know how not to repeat the same mistake twice in most cases.

Be Mindful Of Your Decorative Arrangements

Sometimes the best idea for protecting your most prized furniture arrangements, gadgets, or what-have-you is to separate them from areas where there is high traffic, or a propensity of child-play gone awry. Cordon off one room of the house for fancy things, and in the rest of the house, keep delicate things out of reach. If you can, design a room where even should Tommy and Timmy come ripping through and knock a decoration from a table such that it tips into the cat’s water and sprays the whole carpet, nothing will break. Use decorations that can sustain a fall, and flooring that won’t be bothered by water or stains. Tile is ideal, and throw-rugs can help surrogate where it’s too expensive for a hardwood solution.catHave Cleaning Supplies At The Ready

It’s not just your kids that will go after the house; if you’ve got any pets, they’re going to make their own messes. Here are some tips on cleaning up after them: baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar. Also, blotting. These items help expel smells while removing contaminants. Baking soda also helps with stains, and bleach is a disinfectant–though it will change color and stain, so be careful with it. Have a strong vacuum and either spare bags, or a system to keep it regularly able to clean. Mops, brooms, dustpans and dusters are also recommendable. Last but not least: take a deep breath, and find the humor, if there is any.

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