Peanut Butter & Fluff Roll Ups

After school snacks in my house need to be fast! Fast and yummy. The quicker I make them, the faster they eat them. The faster they eat them, the quicker we can start homework. All my kids love peanut butter and fluff sandwiches but I don't want to give them that big of a snack after school or else they won't eat dinner- enter Peanut Butter & Fluff Roll Ups! To make them all you need is bread, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. First flatten the bread with a rolling pin. Then spread a thin player of peanut butter on the bread. Do the same with the marshmallow fluff. Roll up nice and … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter & Apple Snail Snack

With back to school right around the corner I have started thinking about healthy after school snacks. I like to have a snack ready for when the kids get home that will make them smile after a long day. These Peanut Butter & Apple Snail snacks can turn even the grumpiest of kids into grinning, giggling fools and are super easy to make. To make these adorable creatures all you need is an apple, celery stick, peanut butter and something for antennae- we choose twizzlers but you could also use carrot slivers or almonds. First chop your apple into small slices, your celery into 2-2.5 inch pieces … [Read more...]

Funfetti Popcorn

Salty and sweet is what this momma has been craving! Funfetti Popcorn is a mix of both and leaves me satisfied and the kids really enjoy it too. This time, I put pastel colored M&M's in it- for Easter, but you can use normal ones or what ever holiday your close to! Ingredients: 1 bag of white popcorn 6 oz. Vanilla Candy Melts 3/4 cup pretzels, broken into pieces 6pz Milk Chocolate M&Ms Multicolored Sprinkles Directions: Pop your popcorn in the microwave, making sure not to overcook. Combine popcorn, broken pretzel pieces and M&Ms into large bowl. Melt Vanilla … [Read more...]

Cookie Dough Ball

Sometimes it feels like once November rolls around I never leave the kitchen. We have so many birthdays in winter, plus Thanksgiving and Christmas. I often feel like I never leave the kitchen! To make being in the kitchen a bit more fun for me and to include my kids in the process I try to make food a bit more fun. I make food more fun by making sure it looks interesting and tastes amazing! I love cookie dough but it really is not good to eat uncooked because of the eggs! I kept seeing recipes on Pinterest for a cookie dough ball that had no eggs in it- it’s kind of like a cheese ball you see at … [Read more...]

Not Your Average Grilled Cheese

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Boar's Head. There is just something about fall weather that screams Grilled Cheese to me. However the Grilled Cheese sandwiches I ate as a child are not as appetizing to me as they once were. Enter the Turkey, Bacon, Swiss Grilled Cheese Sandwich- the yummiest thing since sliced bread! You will need: Two Slices Whole Wheat Bread Four Slices Boar's Head Roasted Turkey Breast Two Slices Turkey Bacon Two slices Boar's Head Natural Swiss Cheese Tablespoon of Butter Directions: In 12-inch nonstick skillet, cook bacon until crispy then lay on paper … [Read more...]

Fiesta Lime Chicken Rice

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. Juggling school, sports and mom time is not always easy to do. So far this year I think I have done a darn good job, however one thing I'm struggling with is making dinner yummy, cheaply and fast. It seems like on busy nights dinner is only done one of the three ways and to me that is just not acceptable. The solution to this busy mommas problems? Knorr side dishes!  They are super easy to make and come in so many different flavors that I can add them to almost any meal! The Fiesta Lime Chicken Rice recipe below serves four. It can easily be … [Read more...]

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Lunchbox PR! Did you know that mayonnaise isn’t just for sandwiches. It can be used for loads of other things like to moisten chocolate cake, make a pasta salad creamy and add juiciness to a burger! My family only uses Hellmann's mayonnaise, nothing else is aloud in the house. However to be honest, we really only use it on sandwiches. So when I looked at the Hellmann's site and saw delicious summer recipes from Mario Batali (co-host of ABC's The Chew) I knew I had to make one for my family for dinner! My family is full of chicken lovers. For me the easiest way … [Read more...]