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Radio Flyer: Ride & Stand Stroll ’N Trike


Disclosure: The Ride & Stand Stroll ’N Trike was sent compliments of Radio Flyer. In this house we love gear that grows with children,. What we love even more is gear that can be used by more than one child at the same time. It's hard to find gear that does this, but the Radio Flyer Ride & Stand Stroll 'N Trike does just that. It's is the first of its kind! Its a trike designed for 2 riders, that can be used from around 9 months of age to about five years of age. The trike easily transforms from an infant trike to a push trike, and then to a learn-to-ride trike, and then a classic trike.  The secure 3 point harness and high back seat, paired with the removable safety tray with cup holder made it possible for even Caleb, who is six months old to easily ride comfortably. I was able to steer the entire time he was riding by … [Read more...]

#HoneyBakedHoliday Hassle Free Thanksgiving Dinner


Disclosure: This post brought to you by HoneyBaked Ham. Hey, hey, hey guess what?!? Thanksgiving is only eight days away!!! That's right! Only eight days. That's only a little over a week, Oh I so can not wait! In my house, like many, Thanksgiving is all about the foooooood! This year, I am simplifying my meal (just like I did for Easter) and heading to the HoneyBaked Ham of Lancaster store the day before to pick up some goodies. In our house it is always a fight about if we are doing Turkey or Ham. There is only enough room in my oven for one, so we have been flipping a coin every holiday. No more need for that. We just buy a bundle from HoneyBaked Ham. HoneyBaked Ham is of course best known for their ham however they also have turkey, sides dishes and desserts. Their Turkey is tender, moist, juicy and low in fat. Plus it is … [Read more...]

aden + anais: Wise Guys Collection


 Disclosure: I was sent a dream blanket and set of swaddles compliments of aden & anais. When it comes to keeping Caleb warm and cozy, my go to blankets are always aden + anais. There is just something about them that both Caleb and I love. Maybe the softness? Maybe the durability? Regardless they are our very favorite. Our most recent addition to our collection may just be my favorite print yet, wise guys! The wise guys collection is made with GOTS certified organic cotton muslin, that gets softer and softer withe every single wash. The print features wise, yet playful hand-drawn owls that are gray and teal, which makes the collection more geared to boys, but appropriate for owl loving girls as well. The swaddle set comes with three 47" x 47" pre-washed swaddles. You get a white swaddle, a swaddle with teal and gray feathers … [Read more...]

Kolcraft: Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center (12/01)


Disclosure: The Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center pictured below was sent compliments of Kolcraft. Caleb is at that stage where he needs to be entertained, consistently. In order to not go insane and have some time for myself and my other children, I rely heavily on baby gear. But not just any kind of baby gear, it has to be fun for a five month old! Right now, Caleb's most favorite place to hang out in is the Sit & Step 2-in-1 Activity Center that Kolcraft sent us a few weeks ago. Caleb spends what seems like hours in this thing! The top ring offers many different entertaining and developmental toys to help develop motor skills, and Caleb plays with each and every one of them. Caleb loves the clicking bee spinner and the crinkle flower mirror the most. But also spins the bear globe quite often. The two toy loops allowed … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Birth Doulas Rock Your World


There is a birth revolution going on and doulas are at the forefront. More and more parents are taking an active roll in their birth experience with the help of their doulas. But doulas are more than just a friend that holds your hand and tells you your doing great. We are your personal pregnancy guide: Doulas are a walking, talking, “What to expect when your expecting” machine. We are constantly taking classes, learning new techniques, and reading research papers. All of this to keep you in the know. You can read about my experience with a birth doula by clicking here. Lower birth risks: Along with much higher satisfaction rates, doulas are attributed to a 25% shorter labor AND 50% lower chance of a cesarean birth. Shorter labor? Yes please. We are more affordable than you think: With prices between $700 and $1,500 doulas are … [Read more...]

Five Reasons I’m Getting An AT&T Go Phone For My Seven Year Old.


Disclosure: This post brought to you by AT&T. My little babies aren't so little anymore. I swear just yesterday Ethan was trying his first food... Now he is walking himself to and from the bus stop, going over to friends houses, participating in after school activities and being the best big brother he can be! Letting him do all these things alone is harder than I thought it would be for me. But I recently discovered that I could stay connected to him, with out potentially receiving a surprise wireless phone bill at the end of each month with an AT&T GoPhone! An AT&T GoPhone is the perfect solution to my problem and this year, under my tree Ethan will find a pre-paid wireless phone that will keep me connected to him through every single one of life’s special moments. Making this decision was not easy. I kept telling … [Read more...]

Bell Injector Multi-Sport Helmet


Disclosure: The helmets pictured below were sent compliments of Bell. Each year over 5,000 young bike riders are  admitted to hospitals and almost half of them are for major head injuries. The sad thing is, most of those injuriescould have been prevented by simply wearing a helmet! In our house we have a very, very strict helmet rule. If it has wheels, you need a helmet. This rule is easily enforced by me by making sure that my kids have helmets that are comfortable and easily accessible. A few months ago Bell sent me a few of their Injector Multi-Sport Helmets to try out. They are both bike and skate certified and come in two sizes, youth 5+ and children 8+. Both sizes feature 'True-Fit' technology that makes fitting multiple heads or one head for multiple years easy as pie. The hardshell protection is great for the trails or the … [Read more...]