Importance of Curbside Appeal

Is there a certain part of a home that immediately decreases its value on the market if not kept up properly? What can I do with my home to increase its value before I put it on the real estate market? Is it worth the investment before selling? A certainty that exists for all of us in our twenties, thirties, or forties is that the home we live in currently will not be the one we retire in. Many of us live and work in a part of the country we love, yet we dread the winter months. We recognize that part of why we save money, however one does, is to retire and live our golden years where we … [Read more...]

SharkBanz – The Magnetic Shark Deterrent

This winter, my family and I decided that we wanted to start a new hobby that we could do all together.  Outdoor adventure is more my style so I convinced the family that snorkeling would be worth a try. One weekend the five of us loaded up in the car and went to a local dive shop.  $700 later, we had all the gear we needed. It wasn't until we were half way home that I learned of my wife’s fear of sharks.  I did everything I could think of to get her to understand that shark attacks aren’t common and the chances of her getting eaten were pretty much less than the chances of her winning the lottery. … [Read more...]

5 Games to Teach your Kids

Having kids is the adventure of a lifetime - never a dull moment, never a bit of me-time. Having kids is a sequence of beautiful moments spread across a world of stress, yelling, and chores. The only time when you can truly sit back and relax is when they are asleep - and when they are playing games so immersive that they forget about the world around them. Here are five games that can have that effect on all kids, no matter their age and gender. They need to have the right mindset for them, though - some of them often need a bit of dedication and attention. So, without further ado, here are the five … [Read more...]

Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Energizer. In our camper, we rely on many different things to keep us safe. The two main ones inside are our smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  The carbon monoxide detector goes off about once a month. It's typically when the toddler accidentally has bumped the stove knob on, and our gas stove is leaking propane into our camper. The smoke detector goes off about every other month, to alert me that dinner is done. But both those detectors, as annoying as they are when they go off are important devices that I rely on to keep my family alive in the event of an … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Eat Cereal (Not With Milk) + Grocery Outlet Sale!

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Grocery Outlet. Oh cereal. How I love you so. In our house, believe it or not it is rarely eaten out of a bowl with milk for breakfast. Instead we enjoy mixing it with other things and eating it for snacks. Sometimes we mix it with savory things for an anytime snack and sometimes sweet things for a special after dinner treat. The following 6 ways are our favorite! Trail Mix: When snacks are running low, I like to mix them all together in plastic bags and call them trail mix. Peanuts, almonds, raisins, M&Ms, sunflower seeds, pretzels, peanuts and almost … [Read more...]

Digital Media Academy’s Pre-Season Sale Extended

Don't miss out on Digital Media Academy's BIGGEST discount of the year - Save on everything from summer camps to overnight housing to DMA Online courses!The best part? Pre-Season vouchers are fully refundable until March 31, 2017 and can be transferred to friends or family in case your plans change. The Pre-Season Sale vouchers also make great gifts for the holidays! It's never too soon to start planning your summer. Lock in this early bird pricing today when you purchase your Pre-Season Voucher and redeem it as early as November 1st when we announce our 2017 camp lineup! Limited space … [Read more...]

Planetbox Rover Bento Lunchbox

Disclosure: The products pictured below were provided compliments of Planetbox. I have always been a nature loving, animal nurturing person ever since I was a little girl.  If I see trash outside I will pick it up and dispose of it.  At times I have even went as far as picking recyclables out of the trash container and putting them in the recycle container.   We have to care for this Earth, as we only have one.  There are no do-overs.  When packing my kids lunches for school it always bothered me all the plastic bags I would use for everything.  One bag for the sandwich, another for the fruit, another … [Read more...]