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Help Your Little One Sleep Safe With aden + anais


Disclosure: This post brought to you by aden + anais! Your babies sleeping space is one of the most important spots you need to check for safety, following very closely behind their car seat. To reduce the risk of SIDS, The CJ Foundation recommends that you remove all loose bedding from the crib and check your baby for overheating. Safe sleeping for us is easily accomplished by using and aden + anais sleeping bags or swaddles. Sleeping bags eliminate the need for a traditional blanket. There are three different types of sleeping bags; cozy, cozy plus and single layer. The cozy sleeping bag is perfect for cooler nights or air-conditioned nurseries. The single-layer 100% cotton muslin sleeping bag is perfect for any baby that loves to be covered in a light blanket. The cozy plus is perfect for cold wintery nights or sitting outside … [Read more...]

Play Proof by Nanotex


Disclosure: I received samples of Play Proof by uniforms compliments of Nanotex. When it comes to play time, my kids play hard! They play so hard I have to make sure that their school uniforms can withstand them. Nothing is more frustrating than washing clothes after the first week of school and finding clothing that is so stained, that they are trash. (Been there, done that.) Thanks to Play Proof uniforms by Nanotex my kids can play as hard as they want, without worry. Play Proof school uniforms with Nanotex are exactly what they say they are, Play Proof. Your kids can run, jump, eat and play in them and after washing, they still look brand new. They are wrinkle resistant, which is great for me because I'm not sure I even know how to use an iron. They also easily release stains in the wash, even chocolate and spaghetti sauce! My … [Read more...]

Richell USA Hand-Free Gate


Disclosure: The gate pictured below was provided compliments of Richell USA. I have six kids, a dog and two cats. Needless to say, there are often times when my hands are quite literally, full. However there are also specific rooms in my house that I would like to keep the kids or pets out of, or for that matter keep them in! Normally I would just use a normal baby gate, but with hands as full as mine have been the past few months I find myself standing at a gate with no way to get through- enter the Richell USA Hand-Free Gate! Richell’s Hands-Free Gate features a specially designed double sided foot pedal that makes getting through the gate easy for those busy moments when your hands are occupied. The foot pedal is strong enough so that pets (8.8 to 88 lbs) cannot open the gate themselves. It is also 36.6" tall, so pets and kids can … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter & Fluff Roll Ups


After school snacks in my house need to be fast! Fast and yummy. The quicker I make them, the faster they eat them. The faster they eat them, the quicker we can start homework. All my kids love peanut butter and fluff sandwiches but I don't want to give them that big of a snack after school or else they won't eat dinner- enter Peanut Butter & Fluff Roll Ups! To make them all you need is bread, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. First flatten the bread with a rolling pin. Then spread a thin player of peanut butter on the bread. Do the same with the marshmallow fluff. Roll up nice and tight and cut into bite sized pieces. Do you have a favorite after school snack? … [Read more...]

Skylanders® Portal Master Competition #GoodFunForAll


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Frito-Lay, but my opinions are my own. This summer I had a billion things planned for hubby and I to do with the kids. Then I had a baby. A lot of the things we had planned to do were not possible with a newborn so I had to get creative. After a bit of brainstorming and a ton of Pinterest searching we decided to host a Skylanders® Portal Master Competition. How do you host a Skylanders® Portal Master Competition you ask? Well you simply gather a bunch of young portal masters and have them work at stations to restore the elements. We had our competition at a friend’s house who had a much bigger yard than us. The Motion Of The Potion: Restore the magic element by creating your own potion. You will need 1 scoop of pop rocks, 2 scoops of coloring mix and water. The second the water hits the … [Read more...]



Disclosure: I was provided a WHITES gift set from Zipit in exchange for an honest review. Finding comfy clothes for Caleb to wear is very important to me. Finding clothes that are also adorable is equally important. When I saw that Zipits had a brand new collection, that was mostly white, I knew that my Caleb would be comfy cozy in it and look adorable and boy was I right! I've honestly never listed the features of a piece of clothing, but the White Happy Playsuit is packed full of them. It features a  reverse zipper that upzips from ankle upwards for easier, quicker changing. There is also a generous, double-layer front panel underneat the zipper that makes sure baby is never accidentally pinched by the zipper and on the back side the Pooper Peeper back opening allows for quick diaper checks. Add the adorable top knot hat and you … [Read more...]

Percision Pet Couch Daydreamer Dog Bed


Disclosure: The Daydreamer dog bed pictured below was sent compliments of Precision Pet. Lily is an odd puppy. She will play with the kids every now and then but her favorite thing to do is sleep. She sleeps more often than she does anything else so when searching for a dog bed I need to make sure that it was very, very comfortable. After quite a bit of research we decided that a Precision Pet Couch Daydreamer Bed would be perfect for her. The Percision Pet Couch Daydreamer Dog Bed is made of a soft and stylish chevron textured chenille fabric with a velvety thick plush sleeping surface. Lily loves nothing more than plopping onto it after playing and snoozing away for hours. Often times she falls into such a deep sleep we find her rolled over onto her belly. Washing the bed is very simple. The bolster and cushion zip off to reveal … [Read more...]