7 Awesome Ways To Save At Target

I like shopping just as much as the next girl. In my single years, before I had children, I did what most single women did: I shopped. When I was happy, I shopped. When I was sad, I shopped. I never got myself into trouble with my spending habits or bankrupted myself but I did have a bit of an addiction, especially when I came across a good deal. Now that I'm older, have more financial finesse and a couple of kids under my belt, I've gotten more careful and conscious of what I spent. Of course, now it's harder because I love to shop for my kids, especially for clothes but I do well enough by exercising … [Read more...]

Choosing The Best Bike For Your Teen

  If you grew up in a motorcycle family, then you probably remember what it felt like to want to get a bike of your own. You could see it in your mind, from the polished chrome features to the rugged Michelin tires. Now that you’re older, however, what do you do if your kids want to ride? Teenagers especially want the freedom of the open road, but how can you be sure that they will be safe as well? To help you make the right choice for your teenager, we’ve compiled a list of things that you should be aware of before you make a final decision: Start Small: Even if your kid has been riding … [Read more...]

Discussing Pet Problems With Kids Is Easy With The Dog Tales Collection

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Patricia Brill. They say that a dog is mans best friend. I truly believe that. But I also believe that a dog is a child's best friend as well. When a child and a dog grow up together, their bond becomes unbreakable. They love each other, grow up with each other and learn to depend on each other! So what happens when your child's best friend get sick? How do you explain to them what is going on with out crushing their little souls? You use a book from The Dog Tales Collection! Written by Patricia Brill, Phd, The Dog Tales books are an award-winning … [Read more...]

America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest

This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own. Does your school nurse go above and beyond in educating and comforting their students? Pfizer pediatric wants to know about them! One nurse from each state plus Washington D.C. will win a prize valued at $500 and will be entered to win the grand prize: the title of America’s Greatest School nurse and a trip for a getaway from school sickness.Even with great school nurses around, kids get sick no matter how much you may try to prevent it. When sick gets real, the pediatric brands of Pfizer Consumer … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Protect Your Travel Trailer

There’s nothing better than a little outdoor time with the family. Tenting with the kids is always a ton of fun, but at this age, having something a little more comfortable to sleep on is never a bad option. Of course, you can just sleep in the car, but that kind of ruins the experience.And sure, you could rent a cabin, but costs add up quickly. That leaves only one reasonable option — a travel trailer. Whether you already own one or are in the market for one, there is no denying that the stationary sleeper is a solid investment. But, in order to squeeze the maximum amount of value out of your camper, … [Read more...]

Magformers – My First 30 Set

This holiday season my daughter received her first set of Magformers, the My First 30 Set. The 30 piece set is a colorful plastic magnetic building set that is the perfect toy for anyone who loves to build. Even thought the set was for my daughter, both my children, ages 3 and 10, took to them instantly. The colorful illustrated instructions are very fun and easy to follow. In no time my children were building awesome 3-D designs like a castle, a ball, a puppy and a heart. Even my husband joined in on the fun! The set we purchased, Magformers My First 3D set, came with a spiral-bound book … [Read more...]

DIY Photo Booth Props for the Family Christmas Card

Every December, we’re mailed a JACK TON of well-wishing holiday cards. Some detail what your friends have been up to for the last year, while others boast engagement and pregnancy announcements. But the family pictures are always the same: all are clad in sweaters with a decorated Christmas tree lit up behind them. A few of the pictures might even feature a dog in reindeer antlers or an elf’s hat. (Side note: do the dogs like dressing up for the holidays or nah?)Now we see the all too often ugly sweater holiday card featuring images of sickly Christmas trees and a menorah or two. Is there no originality … [Read more...]