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Five Reasons I’m Getting An AT&T Go Phone For My Seven Year Old.


Disclosure: This post brought to you by AT&T. My little babies aren't so little anymore. I swear just yesterday Ethan was trying his first food... Now he is walking himself to and from the bus stop, going over to friends houses, participating in after school activities and being the best big brother he can be! Letting him do all these things alone is harder than I thought it would be for me. But I recently discovered that I could stay connected to him, with out potentially receiving a surprise wireless phone bill at the end of each month with an AT&T GoPhone! An AT&T GoPhone is the perfect solution to my problem and this year, under my tree Ethan will find a pre-paid wireless phone that will keep me connected to him through every single one of life’s special moments. Making this decision was not easy. I kept telling … [Read more...]

Bell Injector Multi-Sport Helmet


Disclosure: The helmets pictured below were sent compliments of Bell. Each year over 5,000 young bike riders are  admitted to hospitals and almost half of them are for major head injuries. The sad thing is, most of those injuriescould have been prevented by simply wearing a helmet! In our house we have a very, very strict helmet rule. If it has wheels, you need a helmet. This rule is easily enforced by me by making sure that my kids have helmets that are comfortable and easily accessible. A few months ago Bell sent me a few of their Injector Multi-Sport Helmets to try out. They are both bike and skate certified and come in two sizes, youth 5+ and children 8+. Both sizes feature 'True-Fit' technology that makes fitting multiple heads or one head for multiple years easy as pie. The hardshell protection is great for the trails or the … [Read more...]

Turn Your Child’s Artwork Into Jewelry With Formia (10/30)


Disclosure: The necklace featured below was provided compliments of Formia. As soon as school is back in session, my fridge quickly fills up with artwork. Rainbows, horses and family drawings adorn my fridge the entire school year and when summer starts, I pack them away and save them for when my babies are older. A few of my absolute favorites I have laminated or turned into ornaments as keepsakes, but my newest favorite (a drawing Ethan made for me of me with Caleb in my belly) I had sent to Formia Design  and had made into a necklace. Yes you read right- a necklace!! From your child's hands to the Formia Design studio creation is as easy as 1.2.3! Simply snap a picture of your favorite drawing, request an estimate and wait patiently at your mailbox! Every piece of jewelry is carefully handmade in their Virginia-located studio by … [Read more...]

aden + anais: Night Sky Collection


 Disclosure: I was sent a dream blanket and set of swaddles compliments of aden & anais. Allow your little one to drift off to dreamland surrounded by the subdued blue and gray tones aden and anais' night sky collection. Complete with friendly owls, hot air balloons, stars and polka sots the night sky collection is available in a variety of 100% cotton muslin products that your child will love. We were sent the dream blanket and swaddle set to try out. Both Caleb (four months) and Emmitt (three years) love the Night Sky dream blanket. We use it for tummy time as well as night time snuggling. The dream blanket is a generous 47x47 inches and consists of four super soft cotton muslin layers. Wash after wash the blanket stays bright white and the print vibrant, plus it gets softer each time! We use the Night Sky swaddles for … [Read more...]

Tara Griest Photography


Capturing every second of a new babies life is important. However, finding a great newborn photographer can be quite hard. Thankfully with Caleb, I found Tara Griest! Tara and I met when I was about eight months pregnant on a hayride at my campground and we hit it off right away. We friended each other on Facebook and right before I had Caleb, she offered to come take his newborn pictures. I was ecstatic to say the least! I had stalked her photography page on Facebook and her newborn pictures were quite impressive. I also was very excited that I didn't have to leave my house for the session. As many of you know, Caleb was supposed to be my VBAC, but instead he was my repeat cesection so not having to leave the house was perfect! Tara came out to our house when Caleb was just a little over a week old. Our session lasted almost four … [Read more...]

Build A Bear: Beach Party Animals


Disclosure: The animals below were provided compliments of Build A Bear. Just because the weather is starting to get cold outside does not mean that fun summer play has to stop! Simply stop by your local Build A Bear  and snag your little ones a Beach Party Animal or two and allow their vivid imagination to run wild with indoor adventures filled with fun in the sun - with out sand in their shorts! The Beach Party Line includes three full sized animals (Toothy Shark, Octo-fun Octopus and Sea Splash Dolphin) and three buddies (Buddies Lobster, Buddies Octopus and Buddies Flamingo). Build A Bear sent us Beach Pal Octo Fun Octopus and Mermaid Sea Splash Dolphin to help with our sandy adventures. Beach Pal Octo Fun Octopus comes with a Fuchsia Ruffle Swimsuit, Fuchsia Jelly Sandals, Fuchsia Heart Sunglasses and Fun In The Sun Beach Tote … [Read more...]

Help Your Little One Sleep Safe With aden + anais


Disclosure: This post brought to you by aden + anais! Your babies sleeping space is one of the most important spots you need to check for safety, following very closely behind their car seat. To reduce the risk of SIDS, The CJ Foundation recommends that you remove all loose bedding from the crib and check your baby for overheating. Safe sleeping for us is easily accomplished by using and aden + anais sleeping bags or swaddles. Sleeping bags eliminate the need for a traditional blanket. There are three different types of sleeping bags; cozy, cozy plus and single layer. The cozy sleeping bag is perfect for cooler nights or air-conditioned nurseries. The single-layer 100% cotton muslin sleeping bag is perfect for any baby that loves to be covered in a light blanket. The cozy plus is perfect for cold wintery nights or sitting outside … [Read more...]