Belly Charms Mother’s Bracelet

I do not own very many pieces of jewelry. My jewelry collection consists of my wedding bands, a bangle my husband got me for Valentine’s Day last year, and just recently I have been adding mother’s jewelry. If you search the internet you will find tons of sites that make necklaces for moms, but not many that make bracelets. Belly Charms, not only makes bracelets, Sonya owner and designer makes amazing mother’s bracelets! I was so excited when Sonya agreed to let me review her mother’s bracelet; that I literally made my husband agree that night on a name for baby number three, so I could place my … [Read more...]

Undercover Mama

Nursing your baby where you want, when you want is something I strongly believe in. Another thing I also believe in, is that after three kids, my tummy is NOT something other people want to see! I cannot nurse my child, by flopping my boob over my shirt. I have seen many mothers successfully do this, but I just cannot. I have to nurse under my shirt, which means the entire time I am nursing my sides are exposed to the world. The Undercover Mama tank makes it so that I can feed my baby under my shirt, without showing off my flab. The Undercover Mama is a strapless camisole that attaches right to my … [Read more...]

The Vintage Pearl

The Vintage Pearl is your one stop shop for unique and meaningful handstamped necklaces, bracelets, key chains, leather cuffs, earrings, dog tags, baby spoons and more. Each piece is handcrafted from start to finish with care in their studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All creations are made using raw sterling silver, freshwater pearls and birthstone crystals! Each and every letter is individually stamped by hand, no machines whatsoever. This makes each and every piece a true one-of-a-kind! When you place an order at The Vintage Pearl you get to customize everything, the name or names, dates and/or words of … [Read more...]

San Diego Bebe Nursing Pillow

For sixteen years, Sandy Clark's company, and its patented EZ-2-Nurse Twins nursing pillows have helped thousands of mothers make the choice to nurse their twins. recently launched a brand-new green product: Patent-pending is a line of eco-nursing pillows designed for health- and earth-conscious mothers and their babies. The San Diego Bebe nursing pillow  has a built-in Privacy Cover, providing complete discretion during nursing. The cover's lightweight mesh construction provides continuous airflow, keeping mom and baby comfortable. San Diego … [Read more...]

Kelly Moore Camera Bag

Kelly Moore Clark has been a photographer for almost 12 years! Herself, her husband Kelly, and her daughter Posey love in Louisiana! She has been married almost 8 years and has been a photographer for over 12 years.If you own a camera now, you more than likely own a camera bag. I am the proud owner of three cameras, and about ten camera bags. None of them big enough for all my camera needs! I have a DSLR, a Digital, and a Video camera, each with a handful of accessories that really need to be stored with them just in case I need them. I honestly don’t even use my cameras often, because the bags are … [Read more...]

ChewBeads Jane Necklace

I have been doing quite a few posts on baby safe jewelry lately. I am so excited to have less than 3 months till this baby is here, but not excited to have to put away all my non baby safe jewelry. When I came across ChewBeads, they were like no teething necklace I have ever seen-Chewbeads use silicone rubber and create beads then string them on a super strong cord with a breakaway clasp. I really like that they strayed off the path of other teething necklacedesigns, it makes their item unique and a must have. I was originally worried that the beads could fall off; posing a choking hazard, but … [Read more...]

Spoonful of Comfort – The Get Well Soup

Everything in this day and age is so fast. Go to McDonald’s and get your food fast. Head to a local car garage and get your oil changed super fast. Spoonful of Comfort helps you return to a slower age and send good old-fashioned chicken soup therapy, without making anyone wait. Each morning the Spoonful of Comfort kitchen simmers with award-winning chicken noodle soup made from all natural ingredients. Every jar of Spoonful of Comfort soup is carefully made in small batches to draw out the best flavors and ensure superior taste. It starts with delicious all natural broth made from a delicate blend of … [Read more...]