Celebrate with Barney 3-DVD Set

Unwrap the fun with Barney and explore celebrations around the world, enjoy some dino-mite dance parties and show your love for friends and family at home. Every day is a reason to sing, dance, laugh, learn and celebrate with Barney and friends!

Barney: Celebrating Around the World: Join Barney and his friends on a magical adventure on Barney’s Imagination Unlimited and explore the different types of celebrations around the world. Bonus Feature: Fifi and the Flowertots™ Episode: “FuzzBuzz Catches Cold”

Barney: Top 20 Countdown: It’s time to sing and dance to Barney’s Top 20 Countdown of your favorite songs! Along with Baby Bop™ and BJ™, Barney shows you how to sing and count at the same time and how to move your feet to some great beats.  Bonus Features: “What’s That Sound?” Game, “If You’re Happy and You Know It” Sing-Along and Bonus Episode Roary The Racing Car™ – “Roary Cleans Up His Act”

Barney: We Love Our Family: All we need is love from our family and friends—and, of course, Barney! Discover the joys and laughter that family can bring in this collection full of unforgettable moments of warmth and togetherness. Bonus Features: “Dino Dress-Up” Interactive Game and “Welcome, Cousin Riff” featurette!

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  1. My daughter loves Barney–thanks for the info!

  2. Linda Walters says:

    My son who is now twenty loved watching Barney until he was around nine. I could get my whole house cleaned and not worry about what he was into if Barney was on. We would sing the Barney song any time we had to be in the car for trips to grocery store or anywhere else. I still remember the words to that song.

  3. What great memories this DVD set brings back! My kids loved Barney! Recently my teenage children and I were talking about their favorite Barney episodes and it was amazing how much they could remember from watching Barney even as pre-schoolers. Will definitely have to pick this up to have around the house for grandkids (eventually!). Thank you for sharing the info!

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