ChewBeads Jane Necklace

I have been doing quite a few posts on baby safe jewelry lately. I am so excited to have less than 3 months till this baby is here, but not excited to have to put away all my non baby safe jewelry.

When I came across ChewBeads, they were like no teething necklace I have ever seen-Chewbeads use silicone rubber and create beads then string them on a super strong cord with a breakaway clasp. I really like that they strayed off the path of other teething necklacedesigns, it makes their item unique and a must have.

I was originally worried that the beads could fall off; posing a choking hazard, but this necklace is NOT coming apart. I wore it and pulled it off over, and over and over again. It’s so much fun to be able to test a product and purposely try to break it. I’d say I pulled the thing off over 100 times the past few days, JUST to see if it would break! The only issue I did run into was occasionally my hair gets stuck between the silicone beads, and it really hurts when I yank the necklace off. I even gave the necklace to the kid, and let them play with it for a while! Necklace is still intact and looks like new.

Chewbeads are sent to an independent material testing lab to ensure that they exceed all US consumer product safety commission tests! The tests they conducted prove that both the materials and the design of the product are 100% safe for baby while under adult supervision.

I love how strong the silicone beads are! The beads don’t smell, and they are tasteless! I did at one point forget I put perfume on, and sprayed the necklace, and when I chewed on the necklace later, got a nice mouthful of perfume, but when baby is little, I really don’t wear perfume anyways! Problem solved! Chewbeads customer service, as well as shipping is super-fast! This is definitely a product I would recommend for new moms. Chewbeads come in tons of colors and you can either get a necklace or a bracelet.

Buy It: You can purchase your own Chewbeads Necklace for 29.50.



  1. These fall apart. We bought the “Where’s Paci” pacifier clip and the end fell off and exposed a small screw that was halfway out. Had we not been sitting right there with her and noticed immediately she would have swallowed the screw.

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