Chuck E. Cheese’s Unveils New Pizza For Parents

Parents!!! I have great news for you! Chuck E. Cheese has totally reinvented their menu to provide more dining options for grown-up tastes. They realize that while kids are at the heart of everything they do, they don’t come alone.12695380_10207541515970255_1546383160_o So they have totally redone their pizza so that parents have as much as an enjoyable experience as the kids do, especially when it comes to the food.

Chuck E. Cheese New PizzaThe new crust was the first thing I noticed. It is crisp and delicious. Rightly so because the dough is now made in-restaurant, instead of having it arrive in a freezer truck and then hand-stretched to order. The actual “outer crust”, you know the part the kids refuse to eat is ingeniously barely there.12669981_10207541515130234_346076763_oThe frozen blend of cheeses has also been switched to in store shredded mozzarella. The cheese was for sure my very favorite part.12695335_10207541515290238_1604816270_oIn the video below Chuck E. Cheese hit the streets of New York City in an unmarked pizza truck. 59% of respondents preferred thin and crispy Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza to Pizza Hut® and Dominos® combined.


Chuck E. Cheese is best known for their games, but they are not playing games when it comes to taste anymore, their pizza clearly shows that. Find a store near you here to try it yourself.


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