Chuggington StackTrack Megabuilds

Disclosure: I was provided two StackTrack sets to create my own Megabuild in exchange for this post

If you have a Chuggington lover, chances are you have a few StackTrack sets. My kids love to build the correct structures but sometimes they also like to see what larger structures they can create. However, because they are still young and quite imaginative, sometimes their large structure is less than stable, which leads to tears when it falls down. At least it used to- before Megabuild Junction.

IMG_8798Megabuild Junction  makes creating large Chuggington StackTrack structures easier than ever before! For the first time ever, kids can build tall, spiraling layouts with the sets they own by using super easy to follow step-by-step instructions. We were sent the Wilson’s Wild Ride Set and Koko’s Old Town Set which we turned into the Wild Ride in Old Town Megabuild! When built alone they are both fun sets, however when combined into a MegaBuild- they are loads of fun!

IMG_8799Megabuild Junction also provides parents with information and inspiration to help their children make the most of their StackTracks. You can view the photo gallery to see what other builders have created, get helpful tips from expert builders, and share your creations in social media. With StackTracks, the possibilities are endless. 

IMG_8800Buy It: You can purchase Wilson’s Wild Ride Set for $39.97 and Koko’s Old Town Set for $29.99!


  1. Sweta Sonulkar says

    love the track playset for my son,he loves racing and building the track is fun,likes the rewster’s Big City Adventure Set

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