Classic Tonka Steel Vehicles

Disclosure: Tonka sent us a Classic Steel Dump Truck.

In honor of the 65th Anniversary of Tonka is thrilled to be getting back to the roots of Tonka vehicles by manufacturing and re-releasing 12 styles of the Classic Tonka Steel line of vehicles. The Tonka Steel line includes all the timeless styles we all grew up with, and each vehicle will come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

Classic Tonka Steel Vehicles

The 12 Classic Steel Vehicles are:

  1. T.S. 4000 Dump Truck
  2. Mighty Bulldozer
  3. T.S. 4000 Front End Loader
  4. Mighty Dump Truck
  5. Classics 4X4
  6. Tow Truck
  7. Quarry Dump Truck
  8. Road Grader
  9. Trencher
  10. Bulldozer
  11. Mighty Dump
  12. Front End Loader

Classic Tonka Steel Vehicles

Emmitt has been playing with the Mighty Dump Truck for a few months now! It is made to last and withstand even the toughest jobs- including being left outside for weeks at a time. Emmitt uses it in the house to transport blocks, teddy bears and army men and outside to tote around stones and sticks! The moveable bed makes unloading so easy, Emmitt can do it himself!

Buy It: You can purchase the Mighty Dump Truck for 46.99 from our affiliate

Real Mom Reviews Disclosure


  1. My son has had his Tonka steel dump truck for a few years and it still looks brand new. He absolutely loves it and these toys can really take a beating.

  2. these are the best toys for outside, and they can be handed down.. love tonka

  3. Lisaa Burke Cook says:

    My brother still has his Tonka Steel dumptruck and he is 36 yrs old as a kid he played with this evertyday inside or outside and it still looks brand new, no rust on it at all!

  4. kristy edgington says:

    we just bought some for my son from yard sale

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