Comfy Sacks: 5 Foot Sack

Disclosure: Comfy Sack sent us a 5 foot sack.

I have been nagging my husband to get rid of his ultra comfortable gaming chair for as long as I can remember. We bought the comfy chair when we first moved into our house and he has used it so much I swear that there are permanent butt marks on it. However, because it still went with our decor and because Nathan loved it so much I permitted it to stay! Nathan promised me if I could find a chair that was as comfortable as his current one, he would toss it- I knew right away a Comfy Sack was the answer to our problem!

comfy sack 5 foot sack

If you’ve never tried a Comfy Sack, you have no idea what you are missing out on. The cover is made of incredibly soft micro-suede and the comfortable shredded foam filling make you literally sink into the chair! Unlike old bean bag chairs, Comfy Sacks aren’t filled with loud, messy polyurethane beans. All bags are filled with shredded space-age urethane foam. Shredded foam is long lasting, soft, shapeable and resists permanent compression, which means the bean bag will retains its unique squishy texture for years to come!

Comfy Sack

There are so many styles and sizes of bean bag chairs to choose from, it can be hard to pick just the right chair for you. Comfy Sacks makes large bean bag loungers to kick back and watch movies on, comfortable and portable size bean bag chairs for gaming, huge bean bags that can be used as an impromptu bed, and even bean bag pillows and ottomans for a little extra comfort. One of the large bean bag chairs seemed like the best bet for us. We needed one big enough to take the place of a recliner so the five foot sack is what we decided on.


The 5 foot Comfy Sack is ideal for a child, teenager, college student or husband that loves to play video games and watch movies. In fact, the Comfy Gamer has been featured in many of the popular Gaming magazines as the preferred gaming chair. It is large enough to fit two small adults but is ideal for one adult or child. These days people seem to spend hours watching movies and playing video games so why not provide a comfy place for them to sit? The 5 foot Comfy Sack is the perfect addition to a basement, man cave or even family room!


The only issue we have with our Comfy Sack is it is always the first seat taken so we need two or thee more just to keep everyone happy.

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  1. courtney b says

    wow i want that! looks more like a chair!

  2. courtney b says

    this looks more like a chair! i want it! 🙂

  3. That does look comfy. I like that it is closer to the size of a chair than a normal beanbag chair.

  4. This looks so comfy! I like that it keeps its shape, as I hate fluffing up bean bags to try and get cozy.

  5. fancygrlnancy (Nancy Partin) says

    The Comfy sack looks so comfy and cozy. I’d love to have one, not sure where I’d put it. But I’d still love to have it.

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I didn’t realize that bean bag chairs came in this size . It does look very comfortable.

  7. These look so awesome! I want to live in one.

  8. That sure looks comfy!

  9. These things look fabulous. I always loved bean bag chairs as a kid and I would love to get one of these 🙂

  10. Vicki Hale says

    My recliner is broken, I am wondering if the comfy sack is hard to get out of. It looks very comfy. But low to the floor. That is my main concern, is could I get up out of it. Vicki

  11. Melissa Anderson says

    Love these and would love to win one

  12. chelesa sims says

    my children would love this . We could always use an extra seat

  13. Michelle Proper says

    Wow! Love this! Sure looks like the ultimate sacking out! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Michelle Proper says

    Comfy…functional and my Grandsons would love it! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Holly Uhler says

    I love that color! matches my furniture! iNot to mention how comfy they look

  16. Cheryl Fisher says

    Great review. Liked seeing pictures of your cute family members. Looks very comfortable and big enough for your football playing looking husband.

  17. Kelly A. Tanner says

    That does look comfy and looks to keep its shape well!

  18. amanda roach says

    that looks amazing, my girls would love it!

  19. It’s good to know that there are a lot of options. I bet it would be the first seat occupied in my house too!

  20. My Brother has one, it is AWESOME and comfy. I want one too!

  21. Marcia Belknap says

    Looks so comfy, would love to win this!! Thanks for the chance!

  22. We would need six of these…lol or there would be some MAJOR fighting in our house 🙂

  23. rae ramos says

    it looks really comfy. i would love to have one of this.

  24. Debbie Loy says

    Looks thick the best chair for a family room or teens room.

  25. Sherry Compton says

    These look really durable and sturdy. I can see where these would be comfy. We always worried about them when our kids were young and now with my young grandkids…them breaking and the beans going everywhere. These look well made.

  26. Looks so much better than the old bean bags!

  27. natalie nichols says

    It looks so comfortable. I would love to have one of these in our living room!

  28. Adin Blankenship says

    Ah! That looks really comfortable. I would be sitting on that ean bag chair all the time as well. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Krista Grandstaff says

    I can see how these would be popular enough that you’d need several 🙂 !

  30. It looks so comfortable. I like that you can easily move it from room to room without scratching up the floors.

  31. Looks like fun for the whole fam!

  32. Susan Broughton says

    This is such a large comfortable looking chair. You could curl up in it and watch TV or play video game. I would love to have this in front of my tv

  33. Rachael Henzman says

    I love how tall this is and really comfy looking! I would use it when using my laptop 🙂

  34. A friend had one in our dorm and I loved it! Which they werent so expensive or I would already own one! lol

  35. Iza Baswedan says

    It looks comfy and perfect fro my kids to reading a book!

  36. Peggy Greco says

    I can visualize how great this would look and be enjoyed in my home; thanks for review!

  37. April Kofler says

    Would love this for my home. I could sit on this with my grandson and new grandbaby coming in October and maybe even let Papa with with us.

  38. Ooh! I would love to curl up on that to watch a movie!

  39. Traci Rodkey says

    My kiddos would love this in their reading nook!

  40. I like the bean bag sack it looks stylish and very comfortable. it can be a great thing to rest on

  41. This would be perfect for my teens room!

  42. This looks super comfy and will likely be the most popular seat in the house!!

  43. Jayden H. says

    I would love to get one of these. It looks so comfortable!!!! I would love to lay on that thing and enter giveaways all day 🙂

  44. This looks so comfortable…would love to have one for myself!

  45. These look so comfy. I have cancer and chemo is not going well. This would be so wonderful to curl up on

  46. Cindy Brickley says

    I love the soft micro-suede cover and they are removable to wash. i would love to have one!

  47. This sack looks really comfortable and your review is so good I want a few for my house.

  48. Kali Hees says

    Looks so comfy, my family would love it!

  49. Kelly Ann T. says

    I can see why it is the first seat taken, it looks to be the ultimate lounge chair. I would probably have to fight the rest of my family for it, but I’m willing to take that chance.

  50. jenifer smead says

    love these!!!!

  51. Cindy Gearhart says

    This would be perfect for our family room!! We could definitely use this!

  52. I love this~

  53. Love it!

  54. They look so comfy I might sleep in it

  55. Sandy Cain says

    Wow! There’s room for that nice big man in it, with room left over? I need it! (Wish the nice big man came along with it!!)

  56. The bean bag sack looks sooooo comfy!!! My two little boys would LOVE it!!! 😉

  57. Amanda Alvarado says

    Your kids look so tiny in it! I bet my dh would love this! Or it would become a bed for our German Shepard! LOL

  58. Great idea to show the big guy in the sack, shows you how big and comfy these seats are!

  59. I definitely HAVE to get one of these. The grandkids are always fighting over the small bean bag chair we have. This one is big enough for them to share!

  60. That looks super comfortable! I love the red color and the fact that it doesn’t sink down to the floor like a bean bag!

  61. Sherri Holley says

    When my son was little he loved his beanbag chair. Now he has a little one of his own and I know she would love this! It looks so much more comfy than those old bean bags.

  62. Paul Tomosoiu says

    Red is inspiring me… and i think it will associate very well with my drapery!

  63. oooh this looks very comfy….

  64. Sandy McFadden says

    This bean sack is a great idea for birthday gifts for my kids and grandkids this year………..they all would love them and it would bring back memories for my kids of the old bean bag chairs they had growing up.

  65. Molly Hearn says

    I so want one of these after this review and all the items I have seen like this lately.. I think I know what next item I am saving uo for.. In a couple months my youngest son will be moving into his brothers old room and his room will become our gaming rooms.. this would be perfect!

  66. RANDY FULGHAM says


  67. Debbie Lewis says

    This is big enough for all the grand kids

  68. Linda Bradshaw says

    Wow, I definitely can use this. My son is disabled and he could use this without hurting himself.

  69. Judy Lipcsak says

    I would like to have a few of these for the church’s youth room..

  70. Wow that looks oober comfy!!!! Your husband seems to really fit well in the bean bag sack lol 🙂

  71. Dena Sablotny says

    I would like to have one to sit on and watch Downton Abbey.

  72. This looks amazing, the kids would love this!

  73. Danielle Wuest says

    Those chairs look super comfy and they give the appearance of giving a lot more support, unlike beanbags which drag u into the unknown lol…. I would love to try these out for myself in my gamer room :3

  74. Theresa Spaid says

    It looks so comfy. I can sit and watch tv and work on my laptop.

  75. Evelyn Chuter says

    I would love to have one of these! I bet my bad back would feel much better watching TV on one of sacks. Also my grandkids would have a blast.

  76. Nancy Edgin says

    These are Soooo comfortable and soft and roomy, kinda like falling into a cloud thats just strong enough to support you gently ! A perfect spot to relax and do what relaxes you!! I’d love to win one and good luck to all 😉

  77. that looks super comfy

  78. Seems like the perfect set up for story time with the kids. Also movie cuddle time. The make of it, just seems to gather the family closer.

  79. Sacha Schroeder says

    I love this! This would be a perfect gaming chair for my kiddos!

  80. Maria Iemma says

    This looks so comfortable and I love the colors – it seems to fit both adults and kids so it would be perfect for my home.

  81. That looks way comfortable! My cats would love this and me too!

  82. md kennedy says

    Oh, boy – neither my husband or I would get a chance t sit on this – my CAT would use it all the time!

  83. Spent many nights sleeping in one, would like one of my own.

  84. clark roberts says

    this would be so perfect for my boy ur husband looks like he nearly asleep great review

  85. Sherry Chinn says

    Oh, I would love one of those from my living room, we would probably fight over it, me, my hubster,kids and my kitties! It looks so comfy!

  86. This is what I need. The bean bag chairs are noisy (thought it was just me) and they do lose their shape. The price is a little high, but I will be looking into it to see if there is one we can all use, especially our gamer (my 40-year-old hubby!) – thanks!

  87. Just what I need when the grandkids com to visit! A great place to take a nap or snuggle with grandma!

  88. Renee Griffin says

    my son would absolutely love to lounge around in this chair.

  89. Alicia H. says

    Looks comfy! May need to get more than 1 just to avoid arguments!

  90. Patricia Silvey says

    Something like this would be perfect for our 11 year old who loves video games.

  91. Marcia Belknap says

    My son would love this for his back pain he has when sitting in regular chairs! Thanks for the chance!!

  92. Wanda Weikel says

    Would love to try one. They look so comfortable.

  93. Looks like the whole family love the bean bag chair. I remember years ago when we had them -so comfy to sit in. thanks for the info

  94. Dawn Justice says

    I would love one of these for my son to use while playing his video games, instead of my hard uncomfortable kitchen chair.

  95. Judy Thompson says

    would love to have this

  96. i would love this for my college girl

  97. Cheryl Chervitz says

    These look super comfy, something you can melt away in after a hard day! Thanks for sharing.

  98. I would love one of these for my nephews when they come over. But this one looks like I would love it to sit in while reading on my ereaders or watching Netflix 🙂

  99. sandra davis says

    this would be perfect for my kids to sit in and play video games or watch a movie

  100. tiffany dover says

    So cool that you got to review one of these! I want one so bad for our kids!

  101. These look so comfortable, not plastic and little like they were when we were young.

  102. Sylvia Zajis says

    This bean bag looks so comfortable and I love the pop of the red color. Very nice.

  103. Jeff Legg says

    these are great for lounging around and watch tv or playing video games. Love them

  104. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I remember having bean bag chairs as a kid and they were awesome, I bet a nice quality one like these would be even better. I would love to get my kids some!

  105. Rebecca Reinwalt says

    This would be the perfect addition to my sons room. He has a 1960’s vinyl swivel dining room chair at the moment and when friends come over, they either have to sit on his bed, or the floor.

  106. I would love one of these for my family… it would make movie night awesome!!!

  107. JIM LYNAM says


  108. Bella Taul says

    Oooo. The red one matches your living room nicely. Gosh. That looks so comfortable. I know our family would love these. I will take ten. lol

  109. Racquel S says

    These would be so fun to have…my kids could both sit on there comfortably and w/ no fighting!

  110. annie page says

    I would give this to my daughter and her husband they always need extra places to seat and I know after a long day of work it would feel great to them thanks

  111. This is so cool and my family would love it if I won.

  112. I really want one of these! Perfect for a game room!

  113. Christine Cunningham says

    that would be sooo cozy to snuggle up and read in!

  114. This would be so great for our playroom that we are creating!

  115. My toddler would probably never leave this chair lol. Thanks for the review.

  116. Gigi n jimmy Borden says

    Love how it has a dip in it for your butt to be nice and comfy!!

  117. Lindi Weier says

    My family definitely needs this

  118. Cheryl DiCentes says

    Looks super comfy….would love to win one to have the chance to find out just how comfy it is!!

  119. Susan White says

    I love the fact that it looks like it can accommodate all sizes because we have large people in our household also.

  120. Your review is so cool. It looks so comfy – not sure who would use it more – the teen or me! I like that it wraps around you to kind of hug you.

  121. Amanda felton says

    this is so great. we would love to have this in our living room. so comfy looking and funky!

  122. Love how one sack works for all ages! My toddlers would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be on this, and it would finally give us an option to all find a place to sit in our living room again!

  123. I would love to snuggle down in this.

  124. Patricia Cameron says

    would love one thank you

  125. would love to snuggle in this with my 4 year old grandson and read books….looks so comfy!

  126. Debra Sauvageau says

    bahaha I love the “butt marks” remark. This chair is amazing. I love the one you have – it seems much taller than I would have imagined..and easier for us old people to get up from 🙂

  127. Oh for the LOVE of comfort, we sooooo need this in our house!!! The recliner was just kicked to the curb last week & this would be an awesome replacement & my 2 little ones would LOVE it!!!


  129. my daughter would love this for reading time. she could seat here for hours.

  130. Val Pearson says

    I’m so glad you posted a pic of a larger man in the chair. My husband is a larger man and I was worried it might not be big enough. He would so love it. I want one really bad, and just know that I am very jealous of you right now. 🙂

  131. I would love to have one of these in our family room.

  132. Would love to end my long day lounging on this!!

  133. william saylor says

    I love to have one of theses they look super comfy.

  134. Iwana Ballard says

    I know if I got one of these there would be a fight as to who would get it. My grandson would take it for his gaming chair my husband would use it instead of his recliner. I would have to put it in my room in order for me to get any personal use out of it. I’m sure before too long I would have to get 2 more to keep the household Happy Happy Happy!

  135. Amy Peschel says

    Thanks for the review. Looks super comfy!

  136. This would be awesome in my office!

  137. My boys would love one of these…they look so comfy

  138. What a great seat that will conform to your body….the ultimate comfort!!

  139. Georgia Beckman says

    I would love to have one of these so I could get down on the floor level with the grandkids when they’re here. We have hardwood floors & I have arthritis, not a good combination. This would certainly make that possible!

  140. I would love to camp out on this all weekend! Seriously, our whole family would love it.
    Thanks for sharing the great photos!

  141. I loved my old bean bag chair, can’t wait to try this one

  142. bean bag chairs are a hit at my house!! but we dont have any that are soft and as large as this, your review has helped me along the way of making a decision that maybe we need to up the ante and get one of these!! the whole family can enjoy

  143. anna washburn says

    I could so see my grandson and I reading A book in this!!

  144. Rachel @RedeemingHer says

    Haha yeah I bet it’s the fav. seat in the house!! This would be great with our youth group kids!

  145. Nicole Mitchell says

    Works for people of all ages, shapes and sizes! Works will all decor too!

  146. Gaming chair! I read that and knew this would be perfect for my daughter and me!

  147. This looks so comfortable!

  148. Taryn Pasco says

    This looks sooo comfy!! I know my daughter & son would love to cuddle up on this with their mommy 🙂

  149. Allyson Bossie says

    This looks way nicer than the bean bag chairs we had growing up. My husband would love this

  150. Love the pics of different people in it! I’m sure it would be loved by all in my house….except it’d be RIGHT in front of the playstation, lol. Thanks for another great review!

  151. Beth Moore says

    This looks too compfy!! I would love to have one!

  152. Erica Mitchell says

    Looks comfy, i didnt realize how thick these ones are. What other colours is it available in?

  153. Jennifer Dysart says

    I love how the sack molds to the person sitting on it, i think my cat would steal this sitting spot a lot lol

  154. katklaw777 says

    My family would luv this…great review, thanks!!!

  155. Dawn Monroe says

    The little girl in the picture looks like she is being swallowed up! So cute. I use to love my bean bag chair except in the summer I would stick to it on a hot day. Im glad this is covered!

  156. Theresa H says

    love the look of this chair

  157. That looks so comfy!

  158. This is so nice! Looks really sturdy and comfortable.

  159. rebecca day says

    My friend has one i love it so much i need to win this

  160. OMG..I want the long one..Looks so comfy and the perfect lounger.

  161. chantal ronchetto says

    love that it resists permanent compression.

  162. Dorian Taylor says

    This looks so cool!

  163. Awesome for snugglin’!

  164. Shay Olivo says

    Would love to put some permanent butt marks in one of these cool chairs!

  165. michelle warner says

    i love that is is higher than other bean bags, too cool, my kids would love this, well i would too, great review

  166. Brandi Price says

    This is something my entire family would enjoy!

  167. The 5ft. Size looks perfect for our family. Nice height for adults & also roomy enough for a couple of the grandkids!

  168. krystal rivera says

    Nice height for adults & also roomy enough for a couple of the kids!

  169. Alison Stolz says

    like that its not one of those noisy bags!

  170. Elizabeth Miller says

    I like that the cover is made out of soft micro-suede also I like that its filled with shredded foam that will keep its shape and is way more comfy than a bean bag chair with the messy beans in them! I would use this to watch movies with my boyfriend and cuddle with my kitty cats. Also for reading and every day texting on my phone looks nice and comfy! 🙂

  171. Love how it swallows up your little ones! So cute and seems like they love it! I know I would love using the sack as a seat for gaming or working on my computer.

  172. jacki nile says

    I love that is has form not just a blob yet still has the comfort of a beanbag!!!

  173. Heather Noel Conner says

    I want one! 🙂

  174. Tanis Sutter says

    These look so comfortable! And are much better looking than bean bags, which lose their shape so easily!

  175. meegan whitford says

    Oh this looks really nice and it sits higher so you dont have to feel like you are on the floor or trying to get up off the floor. Love IT!!!

  176. deana dietrich says

    This would be my new napping n reading spot!

  177. I have a feeling my two teens, husband, four dogs, and three cats will be fighting for the sack!

  178. Great picture, and love how you show the product in many views. This sak looks great to just sleep in!

  179. joyce mcdonald says

    I am pretty sure my husband and I would try to take this from each other! It looks so comfy!

  180. I LOVE how high off the ground this is! Usually with “bean bag” type seats/sacks your butt (or at least mine) ends up moving all the comfy stuff to the side I end up sitting on the floor while surrounded by it. haha

  181. Jodi DeMay says

    so want one of these… I want to place it in my library and cuddle up with my blanket and read

  182. I would love this. It looks so comfy.

  183. I so want one of these…

  184. Wendi Scharrer says

    I have a felling we would have the same problem you do…we would need several. 🙂 I can not believe how sturdy it looks.

  185. Great review! I loved that you included pictures of all of the family using the chair so that we could see how it “fit” for everyone!!!

  186. Brian Smith says

    Looks like the perfect seat for playing the PS3, great review, thanks

  187. Keno Moore says

    My recliner is broken,I can really use this.

  188. Dana West says

    This looks so comfortable!

  189. Marie Iles says

    Eventually I want to get several of these to replace our couch that is not very kid friendly!

  190. cheryl lister says

    always wanted a bean bag chair back when they first came out (a long time ago!). so glad to see they are still around!

  191. I love it! if you get tired of it, send it to me LOL!

  192. Simply love it!

  193. Jeri Lee Accardo says

    Another absolutely perfect thing to relax on! A must have for me!!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

  194. Jeri Lee Accardo says

    Oh, AND I LOVE YOUR OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! owls are my favorite!!

  195. Tracey Forrest says

    I want one of these so bad….I was looking at your pics and its look like my family a lot.Nice family and thanks for the great giveaway review:)

  196. Carrie M Goodin says

    as said before… I can only Dream of owning this! One day when my ship comes in I will purchase one! or maybe be a lucky winner of such thing.

  197. Gabriele Jolly says

    It looks to be really comfortable surrounding you in softness. I hope I win. Good Luck everyone!

  198. OMG this would make a perfect gaming chair!

  199. Jessica Aldridge says

    I would Love Love Love to have one of these! The look so comfortable and huge! Snuggle time!? Definitely better than the old, small and uncomfortable ones that I grew up with! Thanks!

  200. This looks so comfy!! 🙂 looks like the whole family could use it.

  201. kris kaiser-hipp says

    It looks sooo comfortable !!!

  202. Wendy Sanders says

    Close your eyes & imagine; after a long day at work, you come home and all you wanna do is relax and rest your tired feet and legs.. Now picture seeing the “Sack”!! Would you take your shoes off before you sank into this fashionable, comfortable, give with your body weight cutting edge piece of furniture..I know what I would do:)

  203. I love the color! It looks so big and comfy!

  204. I seriously would love to win this

  205. Kayla Davis says

    love it

  206. Elizabeth Gentry says

    This could quickly become my favorite reading chair and it seems like it would last for many years to come as well.

  207. Looks like the perfect comfy seat!

  208. I can see why this is the first seat to get taken, it looks so comfortable. I think it would be great to kick back in while I am working on my laptop.

  209. Carissa Smith says

    My husband wants one so bad! And I have heard nothing but good about this brand.

  210. Kimberley Meier says

    These look so comfy! I’d love to get a couple for my basement for when we have movie night!

  211. Amy Levitre says

    Looks very comfy and I love the color.

  212. Beverly Hardwick says

    My kids and grandkids play video games and watch movies as a matter of fact my house is the gathering place on weekends holidays etc…… no complaints here I love it. This sac would be a wonderful addition to our family. I would be thrilled so would my family Thank You For the entry.

  213. Looks so comfortable!

  214. Nicole G says

    This looks amazingly comfy !!! My 2 year old would love it !!

  215. Kristi Cartwright says

    This looks like it would be very comfy & knowing that it has the hubby stamp of approval to replace the recliner is a big deal!

  216. This looks so comfortable and durable. I love it.

  217. Ann Cluck says

    I can only say, my great grandkids would get a big kick out of this. Ole great grandma and grandpa would never get out of it, once in!!!!

    If I was younger and more fit, I would love it. It sounds so comfortable and plush.

  218. Looks super comfy!

  219. sue ellen hawn says

    awesome looking for our playroom…

  220. sue ellen hawn says

    Awesome for our playroom

  221. Jenny Lloyd says

    love this! thanks for the review this is exactly what i want for our den area!

  222. cole marie mckinnon says

    Made with space-age urefoam. I loved the bean bags of old, however, they did squash down in no time, whereas the foam will not. The comfort is there and the longevity is there. What else could I ask for?

  223. Rachael Forsythe says

    This looks so comfortable

  224. Nicole Becker says

    I would love to have this!! I have Lupus and RA and this would be an ideal chair for me because it looks so comfy!!

  225. Aurora Scott says

    Looks so comfortable

  226. this would be something i could flop in when i get home at nite- or when the grandkids come to visit! thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  227. Elizabeth Young says

    and again, i really want one of these!

  228. This looks so comfortable! My kids would love it too!

  229. Kim Scott Barton says

    My husband has been wanting to get something like this for a long tme

  230. Kim Scott Barton says

    M husband has been wanting t for quite awhile

  231. Wow, this looks incredibly big and, well…comfy! LOL! I would definitely love to have something like this.

  232. Janice Brodman says

    I like that this chair is perfect for everyone in the family, and so comfortable.

  233. Wish I had one for my family room. looks like a great size too

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  234. Looks super comfy

  235. Julie D says

    My husband is quite the gamer! This would be perfect for him 🙂

  236. My daughter has one of these at her house and it is the most comfortable seat there. I would love to have one.

  237. samantha s says

    I would really love to have one of these. They look great and fun and comfy all at the same time. My family would really enjoy one.

  238. kathy pease says

    This looks awesome I would love one for watching tv it looks so comfy 🙂

  239. Oliver Wilson says

    Boy my college-freshman daughter would go nuts over this !!!

  240. amber whitehead says

    Love the red color. Looks so comfy I bet we’d love one.

  241. What a wonderful piece of furniture. Looks so comfortable

  242. Jessica Carlson says

    Oh my, that looks comfy!!

  243. Candida Bates-Vester says

    I would love to have one! They look so comfy!

  244. Martha S. says

    Would be great addition to our family room which needs some furniture.

  245. Jackie B says

    Looks so comfy!

  246. Macey Roemeling says

    Id Love To Win One For My Kids Ty For The Chance

  247. Jennifer Ali says

    Looks so comfy…..Hope to win this awesome giveaway prize.

  248. justin warren says

    I would really like this bean bag for sleeping or for playing video games.

  249. Holly Kennedy says

    I don’t know who would love this more-my fiance or my cat. My cat usually wins.

  250. This looks so comfy to snuggle in and read a book

  251. Derek Timm says

    This looks very nice, I would love to have one! Looks more comfortable than any other furniture!

  252. looks very comfy, kids would love it

  253. The red bean bag fits in your decor so perfect like you planned it well with the rug and all!
    It is nice and big and looks like a small arm chair!
    Thank you for a GREAT review!

  254. This sounds wonderful!

  255. Eugenia Hall says

    That looks really nice, wonder how long it would last with my pets.

  256. Kathleen M Smith says

    These look really comfortable and well made, I would love to have one. I really need a comfortable chair!

  257. CLOUD 9!!!!!!



  260. Kimmie Y says

    That looks and sounds wonderful! I’d love to have one!

  261. now that is nice

  262. kathy Hoag says

    I really like sitting on the floor so I think will be a little easier on my back ! Thank you for the giveaway !

  263. It’s still as good as new 🙂


  1. Comfy Sac Giveaway Ends 5/8 says:

    […] The bean bag Sack is the ultimate product for someone looking to add a comfy chair to their house! The sack creates the perfect little place to flop into after a long day. It’s round shape creates an ultra comfortable ‘pod’ that you sink into for ultimate comfort. Skye, of Real Mom Reviews was sent a 5-foot sack that she used to replace her living rooms recliner! You can read her full review by clicking here. […]

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