What to Consider When Naming Your Child

When it comes to introducing your little one to the world, few things are more important than choosing their name. Your new child will carry their name throughout their life, and it will ultimately become a part of their identity – if they choose. To find the best name for your child, consider the following points when you look over names for a new family addition.Initials and Nicknames: Consider the initials that your child with have with their first and middle names. Is there a B.U.M. or a P.M.S. in your child’s initials? While it may not matter to you now, consider potentially embarrassing initials and nicknames that may come. Astrid can sound like a behind when shortened, and Patricia can lead to a largely mean nickname. Do your best to predict the future when you choose your child’s name.

Length: While you aren’t purposely calling your child something unintelligible, a long name can often be problematic. A name that is more than four syllables can end up being a tongue twister for anyone who calls on them. Keep this in mind when choosing a middle name as well.

Popular and Celebrity Names: Often, we are tempted to name our child after our favorite people or characters. Elementary schools have plenty of Mileys, a few wizarding world namesakes, and even the Dragonborn. While this is a bold move, it doesn’t have to be a mistake – if you choose the right name. You’ll find that at this blog there are a few gems in the celebrity world that will brighten your child’s life.

The Classics: Many people today want to brand their child with something incredibly unique, but that is no reason to give up on the classics. Just because a child is named Emily or Steven does not mean that they won’t find a way to be extraordinary. There is a reason why classics stick around – they work.

Namesakes: Whether they are popular or not, namesakes often have a lot of meaning or family fondness behind them. A friend might say that Phillip is common, but if it was your father or grandfather’s name and you’d like to pass this on, do not listen to the naysayers. Still, while you may name your child after your successful grandfather, be careful forcing them along the same path – a namesake shouldn’t mean big shoes to fill.

It’s Their Own: Regardless of what people may say about the name that you choose, you should be able to stand with it. Your child must be able to stand with it too; whether it is a family namesake or a favorite celebrity, remember that they bring no one’s reputation with the name but their own. Allow your child’s name to become theirs – if you stand with it, don’t let other parents berate your choice.

It can be a difficult, overwhelming process when you set out to name your child. They will carry their name with them their entire lives, and it is a big decision for you as a parent. However, take your time with it and consider not going for a fad name or one that could become a cruel nickname. A strong name is just another way of setting your child up for individuality and happiness in life.

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