What Do Different Color Roses Symbolize

10 Rose Color Meanings to Help You Gift the Right Boutique

Roses make beautiful gifts not only because they carry gorgeous fragrance but also due to the fact that they carry different messages conveying your right sentiments. Therefore, knowing what message different roses carry is very important. Typically, all flowers carry the message of love and affection but this generalization simply cannot be applied to roses. Let’s explore different roses and the surprises they conceal within their colorful petals!

  1. Light Pink Roses

These flowers represent grace and are an ideal gift if you want to thank your boss or congratulate someone in your office over a certain achievement, such as, a promotion or a transfer or even retirement of an old and much respected office fellow, to show you care for and honor them. So, if someone gives you light pink roses, it is not because they admire you, it means they highly respect you. Additionally, they are perfect for home decoration. Fresh, pink roses can create a welcoming environment in the bedroom and make it cozier. They are easy on the eyes and still add color to the room.

  1. Peach Roses

Ever see a friend sad? Want to lift up their mood? Give them Peach Roses. These flowers have a strange way of comforting people and show sympathy. If you have a friend who has just broken up with their ex, they deserve a couple of these darlings to soothe their heart. These roses can also be used in business gatherings. You will notice these on conference tables and hotel halls booked for business seminars. Their elegance makes them a perfect fit for office spaces. And mind it, you will probably never receive these from your lover.

  1. Orange Roses

Brighten up your mood and bring a wave of energy in your surroundings with Orange Roses. Make them a part of your living room to actually make it alive. If you want to show your lover how excited you are and how fascinating you find the love of your life, this is the perfect gift! These can be an everyday, early morning gifts for your partner, just to show how exciting is your life with them.

  1. Salomon Roses

You will find the peculiar combination of pink and peach slightly darker in these roses. These flowers show your desire and are meant for women already in your life. You can gift these to any woman you love, it could be your mother, sister, or wife. For all the wives out there, when you get these from hubby, gear up for a long night ahead!

  1. Red Roses

Everyone knows red roses are the symbol of love! If you love someone, there is no better way to express yourself than a bouquet of Red Roses. Present the woman of your dreams a Red Rose as you bend down on one knee to propose her. Not only that, this is a signature gift on every Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget, every girlfriend, fiancé and wife needs Red Roses to spice up their romantic relationship!

  1. Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses may send a number of conflicting messages. As yellow color is bright and gives a feeling of warmth, some believe yellow roses send a message of happiness and joy to the receiver. However, if your lover brings you yellow flowers, it may also mean he is infidel to you. So, look out!

  1. White Roses

These roses are unique and yet they carry multiple meanings. These are a symbol of purity and innocence, and are aligned with The Virgin Mary raising their status further. That is the reason they are seen in funerals most of the time. On the other hand, the Romans believed these to be a symbol of the Love Goddess in their era. Queen Victoria had carried these down the aisle on her wedding in 1840 for the first time ever. Since then, these roses have become a regular decoration for weddings. On one hand, white roses represent lovely feelings, while on the other these may also be seen as a symbol of sadness. These flowers could be representation of a lonely heart. Watch out, if you get these on your first date, the guy might be a loner.

  1. Cream Roses

Cream Roses show just how thoughtful and charming you are! These are a first choice for weddings with bride older then the bridegroom or when it is second marriage. Cream roses work best to increase the radiance of the bride. These are a symbol of maturity and add a flare of romance in old relationships. Celebrating a decade of your wedding? Gift these pearly roses to your wife with a pearl necklace! She will always remember it!  These may also be used as formal gifts for your clientele.

  1. Lavender Roses

Simply enchanting, Lavender roses have a royal feel that is generally attached to fairytale princesses. If it is your blind date and you are simply smitten at the first sight of the woman you’re meeting, gift her Lavender Roses the next time you see her. It will show her how special she is to you. If you want, you can gift these to your little 5 year old daughter, she will simply love the purple roses in her room. It will turn her bedroom into a castle and let her run her imagination wild!

  1. Green Roses

Green is a color of nature and carry the message of peace and spirituality. Green roses soothe your soul and may not be appropriate for your lover. However, you can gift these to your family and friends, especially those who are new parents. These are also used for in-house décor. Perfect for tabletops in the study and in-house libraries, green roses are a source of reflection on the self and the soul. When hung on the front door, these invite guests and well-wishers.

Roses not only speak the language of love but they also have a language of their own! In ancient times, it was believed that roses were meant to convey secret messages. Perhaps, it is true! Now we know what message a rose carries. Good luck finding your message!


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