Discussing Pet Problems With Kids Is Easy With The Dog Tales Collection

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Patricia Brill.

They say that a dog is mans best friend. I truly believe that. But I also believe that a dog is a child’s best friend as well. When a child and a dog grow up together, their bond becomes unbreakable. They love each other, grow up with each other and learn to depend on each other!

So what happens when your child’s best friend get sick? How do you explain to them what is going on with out crushing their little souls? You use a book from The Dog Tales Collection!

Written by Patricia Brill, Phd, The Dog Tales books are an award-winning collection of illustrated books that help open a dialogue between parents and children concerning issues they may have with their pets.  These books help children better understand what happens when their pet or loved one has cancer, under goes surgery, has to stay overnight at the hospital or even dies.  These sensitive and emotionally stirring children’s books are written in such a way to simply but gently discuss the obvious.

Patricia A. Brill, PhD, knows how hard those conversations can be with kids about pets they love. She has come out with a collection of books written to help parents start a conversation with their child regarding issues or concerns they may have with their pet. The Dog Tales Collection books help kids better understand what happens when their pet or a loved one has cancer; has to undergo surgery, has to stay overnight at the hospital, or even dies.


I found each of these books to be a pretty quick read, and not overwhelming even for beginning readers.

book_five__largeThe “Do Bad Dogs Get Cancer?” book is about helping children and young adults better understand what happens when a loved one, including their pet is diagnosed with cancer. This book allows the reader to identify with the situation; provides a better understanding of cancer and the ability to cope; understand that cancer is not contagious. This book uses reassuring words as a means for parents to have an open discussion and address children’s’ concerns regarding cancer.

book_three__largePorsche Bella’s Forever Home is a book written to help children see the importance of rescuing, fostering and/or adopting animals, thus giving them a second chance. We hope to encourage a new generation of animal rescuers.

book_two_make_first__largeThe Road to recovery is Paved with dog Treats! was written to help children understand what happens when their pet has to have surgery, and reassures them that their pet will be safe and protected. Parents can use this book as a tool to start a conversation with their child regarding issues they may have about their pet. This book cal also be used to address concerns children have when friends or a loved on undergoes surgery.

book_4_smaller__largeGrief and loss are normal feelings to have when a relative, friend, or pet dies. Don’t Say Good Bye Just Say See You! reassures a child that no matter how sad or angry they feel when they lose a relative, friend, or pet, in time their sadness will ease and they will be able to remember the happiness they shared. This book gives parents an opportunity to talk about death with their grieving child by addressing their feelings of sadness, anger, and guilt, and clarify any misconceptions they may have. Don’t Say Good Bye Just Say See You! brings a comforting perspective for children who are grieving the loss of their pet or loved one. Parents can use a pet that has died as a good reference point in the discussion of human death.

If you are going through any of the issues mentioned above, I highly suggest grabbing one of Patricia’s books and reading them with your child!


  1. Holly Thomas says

    I love these books, it makes it easier for kids to understand what is going on.

  2. What a great collection of books! I love that they cover the really hard topics of owning a pet and help children through these tough times. Great illustrations too 🙂

  3. Audrey Stewart says

    I love these books. We have a small rescue shelter for elderly cats, so I would love the kids to know these things.

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