Dive Duck Key SNUBA – Marathon, FL

Disclosure: My family was provided a complimentary dive in exchange for our honest opinions.

When in the Florida Keys the best way to experience the gorgeous coral reefs is to get out on the water. We tried the glass bottom boat and were pretty disappointed, we couldn’t see anything. After a bit of research on viewing coral reefs, I discovered to really experience their beauty, we needed to get in the water, and dive down. Easier said than done. Getting certified to dive takes quite some time and can be pretty expensive. Thankfully there is another solution- SNUBA.Dive Duck Key SNUBAYou can get up close and personal with the coral reef, and there is no need for a diving certification with Dive Duck Key SNUBA (Surface Nexus Underwater Breathing Apparatus). Unlike snorkeling it allows you to dive to a depth of 20 feet and stay down for an extended period of time. No need to wear heavy scuba equipment, the patented SNUBA air supply (tank) is on a floating system on the surface.Dive Duck Key SNUBAChildren must be 8 or older to SNUBA, so only Ethan got to participate this time. However the other kids came along as well, as bubble watchers.  On calm wave days, bubble watchers can get in the water with a snorkel and view what is going on below the surface. The day we went out, the water was pretty rough topside, so my littles stayed on the boat and Nathan and I rotated getting into the water with Ethan.Dive Duck Key SNUBAAn easy to follow 20 minute orientation regarding communication while underwater, how to breathe correctly with the regulator, and general safety tips was given before arriving at the reef.  Dive Duck Key SNUBAHand signals are very, very important while underwater. Dive Duck Key thankfully keeps them very simple, so even Ethan caught on to them quick.Dive Duck Key SNUBAA Dive Duck Key deck hand helped us all get our gear on correctly and get us to the edge of the boat where a professionally trained SNUBA guide helped us get into the water. Ethan was a total champ!Dive Duck Key SNUBAI can not say enough positive things about our SNUBA guide. Without him, Ethan would have never seen the coral reef. Once we were in the water, I tried my best to keep calm but had a total panic attack. He was able to keep me calm and Ethan distracted enough to not realize I was freaking out.  He left me above the water to attempt to gain control of my breathing and took Ethan down to the reef.Dive Duck Key SNUBA Long story short? Nathan got to dive twice and I entertained the littles on the boat.Dive Duck Key SNUBADad’s Point of View: The hop off the boat into the water is the hardest part. Once in the water our instructor gave Ethan and I both very clear directions that made getting down to the bottom of the ocean a easy and maximized our time in the water exploring the coral reef. While under the water he pointed out different types of coral, a large school of hiding fish and a sting ray. He also found a large starfish and let us hold it. He attempted to catch a lobster, but the little bugger was tricky.

Our guide, the captain and the deck hands all provided stellar customer service. I was amazed that they were able to handle all the different age and knowledge levels with ease. Their knowledge and understanding of all things to do with SNUBA and the coral reef made our experience one we will never, ever forget.12915313_10207992160476086_1086683992_oBuy It: Dive one site for $150.00 or dive both sites for $225.00. All equipment is included in the price, even a wetsuit if it’s cold. Plus the instructor’s watchful eye for your safety. Find more information and book a dive at diveduckkey.com


  1. shelly peterson says

    I have never heard of SNUBA before. My kids would really enjoy this. As much as I would love to see the coral reef, I do not like to be under water.

  2. Oh wow! That looks so amazing! I love that the kids can go if over 8 years! What an awesome experience! I would love to take our little one when he is 8!

  3. Julie Wood says

    This looks like so much fun! My son and daughter would love to try this scuba diving. It looks so pretty where you were at and what a fun way to spend a vacation.

  4. Renee Walters says

    I have never heard of SNUBA before, but it sounds like fun. I think my kids would really enjoy it.

  5. ellen beck says

    You are so fortunate to get too do these things! Years ago we visited the keys and it was a dream. The water was so pretty andd clear. I spent so much time just looking at the ocean. I bbet this was fun to do!

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