5 Steps You Should Take When Going Through a Divorce

No one likes to fail. No one wants to tell someone that they at one time loved very much that they aren’t in love with them anymore and want to go separate ways. But sometimes that is for the best. Sometimes divorce is the best option. But after you break the news to them, what do you do? Well if you are able to end things amicably, here are some steps that might help make the process easier. (If ending things amicably isn’t an option, you might want to speak to a divorce lawyer regarding your situation.)Living Situation: Are you able to get along well enough to stay together until both parties are able to afford their own place? Do you have enough room in your current home to live separate, but also together for now? If the answer is yes, then great you have this step figured out. If not, things get a bit trickier because someone has to go. This might mean that you need to sell your house. However, this might take too long and can be a bit hassle on both parties. Another option you can do is to agree to either remove one spouse on the title or plan to transfer property to your kids through a quitclaim deed.

Figure Out Who Gets What: Who gets the car? Who gets the bed? The best way to do this is to figure out a way to make both people happy. But that is easier said than done. There really aren’t any laws stating who gets what, but things typically get divided equal. Debt is also divided equally. 

Start Keeping Records: Even though things are smooth sailing now, doesn’t mean they will be through the entire divorce process. Buy a journal and keep records of everything important that is said and done that is important. Threats and insults should be noted, as well as spending habits, expenses and money given. Watch the bank account for any large withdrawals.

Separate Your Finances: Speaking of bank account, chances are you share a bank account. To close most bank accounts both parties need to be present. Set a time and date to go to your financial institution together and close your joint accounts. Then open one just for yourself. 

Keep Yourself Well: The divorce process is not easy. It can be a very isolating time and many people neglect their physical health during stressful times. The added stress can cause depressions, unhealthy eating habits or addictions to harmful substances. Connect with extended family you have not talked with in some time. Or seek out clergy or a professional counselor. Support at this important part of your life is crucial.

In the end, no divorce is easy. But if you can do things amicably with your partner, you can save yourself  a ton of heartache, time, money and stress.

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