Do You Have Camera Courage?

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Lunchbox.

I love to take pictures! I have about 30 memory cards and every single one of them are filled to the max with pictures of my family. If you sat down and looked through all of the memory cards you would notice one thing missing- me. More often than not it is because I am the one taking the photo- but the ones that I do appear in I can be found hiding behind my kids. I simply hated having my photo taken.

73478_1566358853134_4543161_nAfter sifting through a few albums with my four year old and being asked over and over again “where’s is mommy?” I have come to the realization that my family loves me for who I am, not how horrible I think I look in pictures. Dove feels the same way… and they want you to Show us your Camera Courage!

Image 4Dove wants all women to feel beautiful in front of the camera. Find your #cameracourage, and fall in love with the camera again. You can join Dove in their efforts to help women all over the country feel courageous around the camera at their in-store events in January. During Saturdays (January 18th and January 25th), visit a Walmart near you to participate in the Camera Courage Photo Booths! Find a store near you here.

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