I hate trying out new stores. I have my few favorite local stores that I shop at all the time for my clothes and that’s it. However, it seems that my favorite stores just keep rolling around the same styles season after season and I am left with a less than fab wardrobe. A friend of mine came over a week or so ago in a beautiful dress. I knew the second I saw it on her I had to have it! I was completely shocked when she told me she got it from dressbarn!

dressbarn is a store that my grandmother used to shop at. Not a twenty three year old hip mom, like me! So I went to my local store to check it out. The second I walked in the door and saw the displays I knew I was wrong about dressbarn being a grandma store!

There were so many displays filled with beautiful dresses I was a bit overwhelmed at first. The staff at my local dressbarn caught on to my ‘lost and confused’ face and hand walked me through finding the perfect dress! I have not worn a dress in years so I had no idea what size or style I wanted. The staff member was dead on when it came to my proper dress size so no time was wasted trying on figure it out myself.

Then the dress trying on began!

I tried on long, flowing Maxi Dresses that are perfect for every day wear! (The dress on the right is the one I went to dressbarn in search of!) These dresses were super comfortable and could be dressed up or down depending on what type of accessories I put with them!

Then I tried on a few dresses that were not quite my style- but still comfortable and true to size.

I finished my perfect dress search with short, classy career dresses that are perfect for a date night or social event! I purchased the one on the right for a black tie dinner event I will be attending the end of this month! I am very confident I am going to look amazing in the dress with a cute pair of heels, my hair done up and some special earrings!

Believe it or not, every dress above was 59.99 or less- which is a complete steal! I ended up leaving with two beautiful and very different dresses that are going to really help spruce up my wardrobe! If you are looking to put some fab in your drab wardrobe- I highly suggest you give dressbarn a shot! I guarantee you that you will find at least one thing you can not leave the store with out!


  1. LOVE it! You look so pretty in all of them! I liked the navy blue with the flowers on it too. I’m headed there in search of the black and white number.

  2. Very Nice! 😀 Love those dresses! I also was very surprised when I went to dress barn about a year ago. I was looking for something perfect to wear to a wedding, and my mom told me to go there… which usually means… ‘dont GO!!’ But I went, and was awesomely shocked 😀 Not only were the dresses awesome, but the staff was SUPER helpful to me, and was bringing me dresses they thought would look perfect on me. I think I bought three dresses that day.

  3. sweeter the berry says:

    Very nice

  4. nice dresses!! you look marvelous :o)

  5. Sarah L says:

    I like the short purple one best – good looking.

  6. LOVE them on you!! My favorites are the top right maxi dress and the bottom right purple and black summer dress.

  7. Robyn E says:

    I simply love you in the purple one ! These colors really compliment
    skintone, hair color etc.

    I hope you definitely got that one for sure !

  8. Diane K. Brimmer says:

    I love those on you! You look great! I hate clothes shopping, never find anything that fits. Or it just looks better on the hanger. LOL

    • Normally that is how shopping goes for me.
      I haven’t tried on dresses in forever because I thought they would all just make me look like a tent! Not these dresses though!

  9. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    Wow I love the colors and designs

  10. the Zoo Keeper says:

    Very pretty, I think the first one is very slimming. 😀 I love the last two, but I desperately hate my legs so I prefer dresses that cover! Stupid softball players legs!

  11. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    THANK YOU for featuring this! As a big girl myself, I have a hard time finding clothes that look good!! I am def. gonna check out Dress Barn next time I head into town!

    • It is definitely worth a stop by. I was worried I would not find a dress that looked nice on me.
      Yet after trying them all on- I had four I wanted! Narrowed it down to two, but it was hard!

  12. Ashley Richardson says:

    I purchased the dress I wore to my high school graduation from DressBarn…LOVE that store!!!

  13. Dianna Thomas says:

    The dress barn has some of the cutiest clothing– your choices were perfect—Hope I can find something just as cute when I go

  14. Mandy M says:

    I love dress barn too! i always thought it was a grandma store too until someone gave me a gift card and i went and checked it out. now i love it!

  15. A.Smith says:

    You look beautiful. I love the black one with the blue flowers the best on you 🙂

  16. Danielle says:

    I wish we had one locally. I used to shop there with my grandma!

  17. You look great! I hope you got the purple and black one (your last picture) – that one is particularly becoming.

  18. Dandi D says:

    I’ve been wanting to find some nice maxi dresses for summer. I guess Dress Barn is the place to look!

  19. I never think to shop there, but those dresses are cute!!! I am going to have to check them out!

  20. Melinda Dartmann says:

    Love the dresses!

  21. Ang Alford says:

    Really cute dresses

  22. Sarah Osborne says:

    I really like the black and white one…very classy 🙂

  23. wow, what fun you had shopping. It looks like they have some nice things. I will have to check them out, i do need a new dress for church

  24. Sandra Beeman says:

    Such a wonderful choice of style and grace! Nice job!

  25. wow pretty dresses in all styles! Like the shoes too!

  26. Alicia Whittaker says:

    I would love to try dress barn, but they don’t have one in my area. However, since I am moving this week, I am going to see what they have, because where I am moving they do have a dress barn. I can’t wait until I am working and have my own money to get what I want and need!

  27. Ang Alford says:

    Ialways thought the same until I happened to stoop in one day with my mother and I was so suprised !! Saw TONS of dresses I would wear (was in my 20’s at the time) !!

  28. I recently visited a Dress Barn Outlet and was pleasantly surprised–some really cute stuff!!

  29. Rebecca L says:

    I had never heard of Dressbarn, but about a Month ago it received a lot of Facebook posts. So I joined their mailing list.

    Thanks for the review!

  30. I don’t have one near me but I’m going online to check it out

  31. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Dressbarn certainly has a good selection and I like all the dresses you were wearing the purple flowered one the most on you.

  32. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    From what I see Dressbarn certainly has a good selection and I like all the dresses you were wearing the purple flowered one the most on you.

  33. Susan Harp says:

    Dressbarn definintely has some cute clothes!! I really like all the casual dresses being worn this summer for everyday, and the styles you pictured were some of the cutest. I love the carefree, easy feeling on a hot, summer day of just slipping on one of these dresses.

  34. Racquel S says:

    I love dresses and dressbarn looks like it has a lot of variety! I will have to check it out next time I am near one!

  35. ellen beck says:

    Lots off pretty selections! I really like that maxi on the right I also love the way you look in thee end one. The purple dress (the end one) goes with your hair so nicely . I havent seen a dressbarn around here but I bet they are also online.

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