DroodleBooks – Professional Coloring Notebook

Disclosure: This post brought to you by DroodleBooks.

Adult coloring books are loads of fun, but they weren’t designed for professional (and often stressful) environments. Enter DroodleBooks, professional notebooks designed to inspire creativity, reduce stress and improve productivity!! DroodleBooks encourage doodling and coloring in a work place environment while being disguised as a professional and practical notebook.1c9e3e4cee896fbcfbb4c0bac775b1c9_originalThe designs only take up the top margin of the pages, where space is typically wasted or used for a single title or date. By serving as a productivity tool as well as a meditative outlet, DroodleBooks will benefit the personal and professional lives of many.coloring-copy

Features Include:

  • Vegan Leather Hardcover: The pages are bound in an A5 notebook with a vegan leather hardcover. You might be wondering – what is vegan leather? Vegan leather is synthetic leather that is sleek and timeless. However, unlike genuine leather, it is animal friendly and environmentally sound.
  • American Designed, German Engineered: DroodleBooks are American-designed notebooks, made and imported from Germany. This was a critical decision when examining quality and precision.
  • 160 Pages with 20 Unique Designs: 20 unique designs sit across the top of each page and were carefully selected from artists across the world. (Each design repeats 4 times throughout the book)
  • Illustrations Sourced from Around the World: DroodleBooks worked closely with incredible artists from Croatia, Venezuela, Italy, India and Mexico to develop and curate the best designs to excite a different part of your imagination.
  • High Quality, Recycle Paper: Sustainability is very important to DroodleBooks. They use only the highest quality, 90 gram recycled paper that won’t let your coloring bleed through to the next page.
  • Elastic Closure Strap: Keep your book nice and tidy with a utility closure strap. This feature secures loose papers on the inside of your notebook. A no-mess feature!
  • Fabric Bookmark: Never lose your place by using the page-holder bookmark – made of soft and durable fabric.
  • Elastic Pen Holder: Have a favorite pen? Always keep it close to your DroodleBook with the convenient pen holder feature.

Version 2Sounds awesome, right? Well DroodleBooks needs a bit of Kickstart momentum and community support to expand its product line, curate additional designs, and test the possibility of small batch individualization and customization! Click here to make a pledge!!!


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