edlee: Wooden & Bamboo Sunglasses

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Sight is one of the most important senses that we have, yet we damage and fatigue our sense of sight every day we go outside into the bright sun. Anyone who plans on going outside should wear eye protection from the sun. Protecting our eyes is most important when when we go out on the water or snow. Polarized lenses protect your eyes from UV light by specifically blocking out reflective light off of these surfaces. This year, style your eyes with edlee!edlee-3edlee offers high end, quality bamboo and wooden polarized sunglasses so you can live the beach culture wherever you are.  All edlee sunglasses come with polarized lenses: to protect your eyes from damaging reflective sunlight. A tireless process goes into the manufacturing of edlees. Unlike most sunglasses made of metal or plastic (which are processed through machines from beginning to end), edlees are hand sanded, hand painted, and hand inspected! They will be perfect when you receive them.  edlee-2Comfort: Light weight, flex hinges, hand sanded edges with the warm touch of bamboo and wood — these are not your typical sunglasses. You can wear them running, skiing, on the boat, on the beach, or while driving. They are truly the most comfortable pair of sunglasses you will ever wear – we guarantee it!

Floating: Everyone has a story of losing a pair of sunglasses over a boat, in the lake, or in the ocean. Worry no more! edlee sunglasses float to the surface, so you will never have to worry about losing them to the water again.

Lifetime Guarantee: If for any reason your edlee sunglasses get damaged, they will replace them for the sunglasses’ lifetime, guaranteed! Just send back the damaged pair, pay for shipping and handling, and you will receive the same edlees as before.

Sharing is Better: Every Kickstarter backer will receive the pair(s) they ordered and then be able to send a pair of Standard Line edlee sunglasses to anyone they wish. When you receive your survey, you will be asked which pair you want for yourself, then be asked which Standard Line of edlee sunglasses you would like to share and the person’s name and address. Get a gift, give a gift!!

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