Elf Magic

I saw a lot of Elf happenings last year on Pinterest, but was not sure what exactly it was. This year, I did my research and decided I wanted my family to have an elf visitor! If you do not know what elf guest I am talking about keep reading!  There are a few different companies out there that offer help getting an elf from Santa, but Elf Magic is the only one that lets you choose your gender and hair color. I knew my kids would like this a bit more. The Elf Magic tradition begins by simply writing a letter to Santa Claus requesting an Elf Magic friend to visit through the holiday season. Before going to bed, we placed the Elves favorite snack of crackers and ice water on the kitchen counter to lure the Elf into our home!

The next morning when the kids woke up, our elf had magically appeared on our kitchen counter! Our Elf’s name was Gilbert and when he arrived he sprinkled flour all over my counters and wrote a hello greeting in it! The snowflake on the Elf’s heart – lets us know that it is an authentic Elf Magic Elf! An Elf Magic Elf comes with a poem and tips from Santa, explaining the tradition. They also bring Magic North Pole Snowflakes, which you sprinkle on the Elf each night to bring him or her to life. Then magically when everyone is asleep, the Elf goes on all types of adventurous Elfcapades from cookie baking, gift wrapping and hiding in freezers (because the Elves love the frosty temperature!

Elves return to the North Pole with Santa on Christmas Eve to help deliver toys around the world; but don’t fret, as the Elves will return again next Christmas to create more Elf fun-filled memories. Elf Magic Elves are so endearing, they become the child’s best friend! Because of this, Elves have been known to show up for brief visits throughout the year as a surprise for special events, like birthdays, the first day of school or even on family vacations!

Do you have an elf? If you would like to ask Santa to send one to your house, visit elf-magic.com. The only fee is his 29.95 dollar flight fee!


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