Exciting Summer Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Summer is right around the corner! We can almost taste the watermelon, backyard BBQs, and sunshine. These warm months also bring, whether we like it or not, summer vacation for the kids. Instead of bussing them to and from school, sports practices, dance recitals, and everything else that the weekday demands, your days will be full of time to spend with your kids. But what should you do to keep them entertained?

Here, we share some of our favorite summertime activities to keep your kids entertained.

Go to a Museum: Just because the kids aren’t in school doesn’t mean that they can’t be learning! Summer is a great time to visit local museums and even better, many museums offer local deals (or even free days) to students and their families. Check your local museums to save an extra buck or two when planning that summer fun.

Go Swimming: Okay, this suggestion might be obvious, but we can’t create a summer idea list without the classic! No matter where you live, there are aquatic activities available, if even in your own backyard! Head to the pool, lake, or ocean to get your splish splash on. Or, if you want to stay local, set up a sprinkler amusement park right in the yard. This is fun, free, and a great way to cool off.

Have a Picnic: One great way to enjoy the weather during the summer months is to eat outside! Rather than gathering around the dining table like always, plan a picnic and take lunch or dinner to the closest park. Picnics are so easy because all you need is some easy-to-prepare food, a blanket, and some plastic plates and cutlery. So easy, and so much fun.

Similarly, you could also throw a BBQ and get the kids involved. Have them make easy finger foods or set the table to really get the party started, while you enjoy some summertime adult beverages. Just remember, never drink and drive after the festivities (or drive distracted, for that matter).

Make a Treat: Speaking of food, another great summertime activity is to make something yourself with the kiddos! On those sweltering days, try new popsicle or ice cream recipes. With all day at your fingertips, there’s plenty of time to experiment with new recipes to find your favorite. In the mood for something warm? Teach the children how to make baked goods like banana bread, cupcakes, cookies, and more. Bring your sweet treats to family movie night for an experience to remember.

Summer is the perfect time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some precious time with your kids. These summer activities are both affordable and fun and will help you fill those long summer days (and nights). Bring it on, summertime!

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