Febreze Air Purifier

Disclosure: The air purifier pictured below was sent compliments of Febreze.

Our home air quality needs improvement. We live on a very busy street that kicks up a lot of dust and we have a dog that doesn’t always smell the best, so when I saw the new Febreze Air Purifier, the only air purifiers specially designed to powerfully clean the air, eliminate odors and add freshness with Febreze scent I knew I had to try it out.Febreze Air PurifierAfter initially opening the box I thought the unit was pretty large and should probably be able to do a good job. I quickly read over the instructions, which were easy to follow, to make sure we used it correctly. Simple. Place the the Hepa-Type filter in the back.IMG_3925-EditPlace Febreze scent cartridge in slot on top.IMG_3921-Edit Select fan speed and how much scent you want. Make sure unit is 3 ft. away from wall…

Hmmm. 3 ft. away from wall. That just isn’t doable in our house. I was hoping to put it in a corner so no one would notice it, instead I placed it in our breakfast room almost in the middle of the floor to keep it away from the wall. After a couple days we got tired of walking around it and it ended up getting pushed up against the wall.

I don’t like super strong scents so I was quite pleased that the purifier featured a dial that you can adjust the intensity of the scent. I kept it down pretty far. But, if you don’t want a scent at all you don’t have to use the cartridge! Instead you can then just have a regular air purifier with a hepa-type filter. There is also an indicator light that will illuminate when the scent cartridge should be replaced. The manual states that the cartridge should last approx. 30 days. After one week of non-fulltime use the light on my unit turned on. I did not replace the cartridge.IMG_3923-EditHepa-Type Filter. What exactly is that? We all know that a Hepa Filter is one of the best filters you can purchase. True HEPA filters must be proven to trap at least 99.97% percent of particles .3 microns in size. A Hepa-Type Filters trap anywhere from 25 – 99%. The Febreze Air Purifier filter performs at 99% at .3 microns, which is very high and very close to HEPA performance. The reason the wording states “up to” is because minor fluctuation is possible if a consumer does not change their filters at the suggested timing. As a filter fills up without being changed, there can be some variation in efficiency.IMG_3922-EditTwo things we found pretty annoying, enough to stop using the air purifier were that it was pretty noisy and blew out cool air, cool enough that whoever sat near it used a blanket to cover because there was that much difference in the temperature of the air and the air was strong enough to blow papers off of a table if sat near it. One last thing to consider when purchasing the Febreze Air purifier is the cost of replacement parts of the scent cartridge (2 pack $9.99) and the hepa-like filter- they can get costy real quick.IMG_3927-EditIs the Febreze Hepa-Type Air Purifier worth your investment? My opinion is it is just an over-sized plug in with a fan. If you are looking to improve the quality of air in your home or decrease dust you might want to look elsewhere.

Buy It: You can purchase your own tower Febreze Air Purifier from our Amazon affiliate by clicking here for $69.99.


  1. John Bertolami says

    disappointed!!! Wish this had worked out better as I wanted to get one. I thank you for reviewing this and letting me know prior to me forking over money for a disappointing product.

  2. I’ve been searching for a reasonably priced air purifier and I was seriously considering this one. Thanks for the great review so that I won’t be spending my money on something I won’t be happy with.

  3. I love air purifiers, so I appreciate the review. I would love to check this one out.

  4. Michele P says

    Thanks for the honest review…I was hoping to get one of these in the spring since I am so allergic to dust and with spring cleaning it will be terrible. I do like the feature that allows you to adjust the amount of febreze scent though.

  5. Richard Hicks says

    I like the look of this purifier and it might be better for a small area

  6. I have been eyeing this and now I know it’s not going to work for me. There’s no way I can keep it that far away from the wall. I can already see my boys tipping it over as they run by at tornado speeds. Thanks so much for the great review! ☺

  7. My room is about 350 sq. ft. Can this air purifier it without problems? I really one a small one that can cover up to that and run quietly.

  8. shelly peterson says

    I could really use an air purifier. I have seen these and glad I read your review. I think it looks nice but think I would pass on buying this.

  9. Oh this is something we have been thinking about with our little ones allergies. Thanks for your honest review of this one….I do really love that you can adjust the intensity of the scent! We do not like alot of scent here either.

  10. Julie Wood says

    I need one of these air purifiers. I have heard of this brand and need to get one for our allergies.

  11. vickie couturier says

    i had one of these for my brother when he had cancer,,it kept his air clean so we knew we were fighting this cancer as hard as we could,,and this item worked great keeping the air clean

  12. This purifier is not meant for a large room. I think it covers 275 sq ft, so if you place it in a room any larger, it is not going to give its full effect.

    I own a febreeze air purifier almost identical to this one, but mine is black. And I just want to say that the unit is a tad noisy BUT I actually like that because it’s the type of static noise helps me fall asleep.

    This unit is amazing! If it is placed in a room that is approximately the size that is indicated on the unit, it works beautifully! I do not give product reviews and I felt the need to give this one. I am already noticing less dust allergies and better quality sleep. The air in my bedroom is noticeably fresher and not from the scent diffuser, just from noticeably cleaner air. After investing in this unit which was just under $100, I now know that my goals is to get an air purifier for every room in my home. For my living room area, kitchen and dining areas I will obviously have to purchase a larger – appropriate to room size unit, but I will definitely be picking more of these things up! Some come with washable filters and while I like that idea, I think the safest bet is with disposable filters for better air quality and purity. I look at it this way, when this unit is working properly I am definitely spending less money on air fresheners, carpet potpourris, candles and other scented air products. All of those things are horrible for me and my family anyway. I highly recommend the febreeze air purifier.

  13. Great article, really well done and great idea placing it under the fan to spread the smell over the place!

  14. I have been using the Febreze air purifier for a long time. It is one of my favorite products that I use on a daily basis. The product works well to eliminate odors, clean and freshen the air and it’s very affordable. I really like its design because it looks good in any room where you put it up, no matter how small or big your house is!

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