Feed The Tarpon at Robbie’s – Islamorada, FL

Disclosure: Our admission was provided by of Robbie’s Marina.

In 1976, when Robbie saw a struggling tarpon in the shallow water near his docks, he went out into the water to free it, thinking it had swum too shallow and gotten stuck on the bank. When he lifted the fish he saw that the right side of its jaw was torn open. Hoping to revive the tarpon, Robbie placed it in the oxygen-rich shrimp tank and called old Doc Roach.Robbie's MarinaThe doctor showed up with his wife’s mattress needles and some twine, and “Scarface” became the first known tarpon with stitches. After several days of force-feeding, Scarface showed good recovery and weight gain; six months later he was released into the waters off the dock. Afterwards, he continued to frequent the docks; sometimes bringing a friend. Soon more and more of the fish began to appear.Feed The TarponToday, the tradition continues, with visitors from all across the world coming to marvel at the spectacle and offer these magnificent creatures a snack. There are over 100 tarpon that come to Robbie’s Marina daily and linger for hours.  Feed The TarponFor just $1 per person, you can walk out on the dock and see them be fed. For $3, you can buy a bucket of fish and feed them yourself.Food for the Tarpon We all went out on the dock. I choose to keep Caleb in his stroller and had to keep a very watchful eye on the other kids, not because I was worried that they would fall in, but because there were so many people on the dock trying to do the same thing we were.Feed The TarponFeeding the tarpon was like nothing I have ever done before. It was thrilling, scary and amazing all at the same time. To watch, you can be any age. I think that around 13 is the perfect age to feed them. It’s for sure a sight to behold and a must see and do when visiting the Florida Keys.Feed The TarponIf you would like to Feed The Tarpon admission to the dock is $1 per person, and each bucket of fish is $3. You can find more information by visiting Robbies.com.


  1. Amy Patterson says:

    Looks like a blast! We need to get to the keys❣

  2. shelly peterson says:

    What a great story. This would be a lot of fun to do.

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