Finding Mom Friends Is Easy, With Preggie.

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Preggie.

If someone would of attempted to tell my premarried, prechild self that finding ‘mom friends’ would actually be harder than dating, I would have called them a liar and laughed in your face! Finding the person your going to spend the rest of your life with is the hardest thing ever. I mean it is.. Right? Wrong! Oh so wrong! Finding a real mom friend is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Thankfully I have a few of them. Finding them, wasn’t easy. However it would have at least been easier with Preggie!unnamedPreggie is a free pregnancy app and a private local moms community of like-minded new moms and pregnant ladies that is available for on iPhone or Android! It allows you to connect with other moms to experience pregnancy together and be due at the same time or find potential new mom best friends with kids the same age as yours.unnamed (2)You can share photos of your bump, ask questions, get emotional support for your pregnancy, give and receive advice about parenting and baby health, arrange meetups and baby playdates with moms like you., ask and answer pregnancy and parenting questions, get recommendations on healthier baby food and softer diapers and even get feedback on the popular obstetricians in your town.unnamed (1)Here is what other preggies are frequently getting from the community:

• The place to speak your mind and vent in the audience that totally gets you and will not judge
• Likes and comments on your magical pregnancy and baby moments photographed
• Shared stories on coping with family difficulties and overcoming pregnancy fears
• Shared knowledge on Braxton-Hicks’ from moms at a later stage of pregnancy
• Feedback on the popular highest ranked obstetricians in town for your baby
• Recommendations on healthier baby food and softer diapers
• Shopping plans for baby clothes together with new friends during pregnancy
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