First Aid and Safety Tips Your Child Must Know

Being a good parent can surely be a hard job for a lot of us. No matter what part on the earth you are, you never stop worrying about your children. ‘What if something bad happens to them while I am not around’ is always at the back of your head. The mere thought of this shakes you because you cannot always be around your kids when they get hurt. 

Unfortunately accidents can and do happen for an extremely wide variety of reasons, few of them which can be predicted with any degree of accuracy. In case your child suffers a serious injury due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, you can always reach out to a Portland personal injury lawyer to help you understand your legal options, if any. It never hurts to consult with a legal professional after a severe injury since most personal injury law firms offer free consultations.

Let’s face it, you cannot always be there to play the role of an EMT for your child. It is crucial that you teach them how to take care of their injuries whenever they get hurt. You should start teaching them about safety from the first time that you tell them “no” to doing something. This will not only help in preventing them from getting hurt at home, but later will also help in preventing children school injuries. Here are a few first aid and safety tips your child must know:

Call 911

Calling 911 should be the first thing taught to your kids in case of emergencies. It is the simplest and most essential lesson that should be their rule of thumb. Teach them to tell the operator why they require help and where the emergency personnel should come. Always keep your address written down next to every landline. To make it even easier, you can program a speed-dial button to 911 on all home phones.

Control bleeding

Teach your kids to put lots of pressure on their bleeding wound to stop the flow of blood. Tell them as soon as they see blood, their immediate reaction should be putting pressure on it. They can use a piece of cloth to press it down, or find some plastic to put on the wound to protect from bleeding. In case none is available, the bare hands work just fine.

Water safety

If your kids are into swimming, you should teach them to always put on a life jacket when swimming. Tell them to make sure that they never swim alone and always have some adult supervision to prevent drowning. They should never be left alone in the water.

Treating a burn

All they need to know regarding treating a burn is that whenever they get burned they should quickly get to water to cool the burn. It can later be cleaned by someone else.

Using first aid kit

Show your child where the first aid kit is kept and explain the use and purpose of each item to them. Demonstrate to them how it is used, and when. 

You are not always going to be available for your child in case of medical emergencies, so it is important that you teach them how to handle minor injuries and emergencies.

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