Five Self-Care Tips for Busy Mothers

Being a mother is often a thankless job. It can be challenging to prioritize self-care when your time is spent keeping your house in order, getting your children to school, and trying to organize everything you need for your ballet dancer or baseball player. However, self-care is a crucial aspect of living life to the fullest and ensuring your children get the best possible version of you. Here are some tips and tricks for incorporating self-care into your busy schedule.

It Takes A Village

Sometimes the biggest challenge mothers face when it comes to self-care is the inability to ask for help. Whether it is pride, fear of judgment or an unrealistic belief that you must handle everything yourself, asking for help is the best way to make time for yourself.

Ask your partner, a friend or a family member if they are willing to watch your children for a couple of hours, so you can have a break to do something you enjoy. Additionally, ask for help with different chores and tasks to help share the workload with the other members of your family. Children can take on age-appropriate chores that will help you spend less spare time cleaning and more time doing what you love.

Schedule an Appointment

Whether your idea of self-care is a hard and heavy workout at the gym or a relaxing hour of creating art, scheduling a set time can improve your accountability and commitment by up to 95%. You can take this dedication to implementing self-care routines into your life by signing up for a class or booking a real appointment.

Be sure to discuss the timing with your significant other to manage expectations and keep open lines of communication. If your partner will be caring for the children in your absence, you will need to make sure they know about it. This is also a good opportunity to communicate and determine if your significant other would like to partake in a similar exercise for their self-care practices.

Use Known Time Blocks to Your Advantage

If you know your ballerina has class for an hour on Saturday mornings, stake your claim on that time block and do something for yourself. Something as simple as going for a walk, sipping coffee in a local cafe, or even curling up with a book can be quick, refreshing ways to practice self-care.

You may think of these time blocks as the perfect opportunity to run errands. Only you can decide if the errands need to be completed during that time block or if they can be done with your child. While grocery shopping doesn’t seem like a fun experience, sometimes the act of getting to the store without kids in tow can be an act of self-care in itself!

Prioritize Your Physical Health

Mental and physical health are closely interwoven. By addressing your physical needs, your mind will be better prepared to handle the stressors life throws at you. Ensuring you are adequately hydrated, eating nutritious food, and getting enough sleep are daily practices of self-care that will improve your quality of life.

These simple practices are things mothers do for their children every day while often forgetting to do the same for themselves. If this scenario describes you, try creating a habit of doing these things for yourself every time you do them for your children. If you get your son a glass of water, have one yourself. If you give your daughter an apple for a snack, grab one for yourself. Modelling healthy behaviors is an effective way to help your child make healthy choices.


Remember to take time to unplug from social media on a regular basis. Numerous studies have shown the negative health effects of spending too much time online. Furthermore, time spent scrolling through Facebook adds up and can be used for self-care practices instead. Statistics show that the average person spends two hours each day on social media– that’s a month each year.

Remember: to take care of your children you must take care of yourself. Incorporating self-care into your life will help your whole family be happier and healthier.


  1. I love this. I’m not a Mum myself but I think it’s so important to promote self-care; we live in such a busy and fast-paced world that it’s often so easily forgotten! Especially when you’re dedicating all of your time and resources to another little human. Thanks for this reminder – I’ll be sending it on to my Mum! 🙂

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