Fobbles- When Fog And Bubbles Combine

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Fobbles.

My love for bubbles started when I was very, very young. I can remember my grandmother filling a small kiddie pool with homemade bubble solution and using different things we found around the house to make bubbles. My favorite was the 6 ring plastic piece that held soda together.  I’ve made sure that my love for bubbles has been passed down to my children, they all love playing with bubbles!

This summer, we are upping our bubble game thanks to the Fobbles Machine!Froggy’s Fog, a leading manufacturer of fog, haze, smoke, snow and bubble fluids and equipment recently announced the introduction of Fobbles, a completely unique, patent-pending machine that makes bubbles, fog, haze and fog-filled bubbles, all at the touch of your fingertips. Fobbles are environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and safe for kids.The Fobbles unit is lightweight and portable, perfect for home use, parties, entertaining and more.  The machine has four settings. Haze, fog, bubbles and Fog Bubbles. My kids love both the bubble and the fog bubble settings the most.Getting the hang of the Fobbles machine was a bit tricky. It comes with a controller that you connect to the back of the machine, that can stretch 10 feet away. This means you don’t need to be right next to the machine to turn it on (great for Halloween night!). Prepping the Fobble is easy peasy. You simply add fog solution to the container with a lid and bubble solution to the very front of the machine, where the wand is located.To get bubbles, fog, haze or fog bubbles you have to turn on the Fobble machine, wait for the controller light to turn red and then it turns on. The machine only stays on for about 20 seconds, which can be frustrating to littles- but none the less the fog filled bubbles are totally worth the wait.You can learn more about the Fobbles machine by checking out their Indiegogo campaign!

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