Four Simple ways to improve your home

Very often, we think of home improvements in terms of knocking down walls and remodeling kitchens. However, you don’t really need a sledgehammer to spruce up your home. These tips will show you how to improve your home quickly and on a budget. The most surprising thing about them is not how transformative they are, but how simple they are. At the end of this article, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of these ideas sooner. 

Add shades for some style and privacy

Roll down shades for outdoor use are a very inexpensive and straightforward addition to your home. For a few extra dollars, you can have them installed by someone, or you install them yourself. Besides blocking hot sun rays from entering your home, they also give your house a new style.

Because they can be seen from the outside, outdoor shades will serve as a beacon to everyone who passes by. Not to mention that they can give you some privacy from the wandering gazes of your neighbors. 

Get a fresh coat of paint for a whole new look

Sometimes, you walk into a room, and you know it’s different, but you can’t tell what’s different about it. The feeling will almost drive you crazy until you realize that it’s the paint. Going from a darker shade to a lighter one and vice versa can change the entire look of the whole room. You may not even recognize it.

The good thing about adding a new coat of paint is that it is very affordable and effortless to do. Many people enjoy painting their own houses. It allows them to express themselves creatively. It also makes them feel like they are directly responsible for the home upgrade. DIY Network has terrific tips on how you can paint your home like a pro.

Use leaded glass film to make your home look classy

The visual effects that glass films give are very stunning. Depending on the pattern you buy, you can have a window that says modern and contemporary, or rustic and old-fashioned. It’s all up to you. Like the other items on this list, these leaded-glass films are also very affordable. You can even lookout for sales to get them at an even lower price.

Before getting a leaded-glass film, consider the layout and décor of the room that the window will be installed. Matching the pattern of the window to the overall style of the room will give it a more consistent feel. And when it comes to interior decoration, ambience is everything.

Add accessories to your light fixtures

The best way to improve your home is to improve the little things in the house. Adding accessories may not do much individually. But, in combination with other points, like wallpapers, it can give your home a whole new look. 

You can add a medallion to your hanging chandeliers or other light fixtures. Like with the leaded glass-film, you should choose your medallion design carefully for the best results. If you have a contemporary air about the room, you should go for something with rounded edges. But in some other cases, squares might be more suitable. 


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