Free Spirit Knee Walker

Just because my ankle is broken, doesn’t mean my whole life has stopped. I still have grocery shopping to do, kids after school activities to attend and appointments to make. I use crutches or my walker for when I have to go short distances but when I need to go far I get so sore and tired. Nothing about breaking an ankle is fun or easy. However, the folks at Knee Walker Central knew exactly what type of situation I was in and sent me a product that really helped me be able to function during my recovery!

The Free Spirit Knee walker allows me to get from point A to point B fast! Faster than any crutch or walker could carry me that is for sure. It is used kind of like a scooter. I rest my injured knee on the seat and use my good foot to propel myself!

“The Free Spirit Knee Walker by Essential Medical is an innovative, comfortable alternative to crutches. It turns corners easily while maintaining stability, and has an anatomic tiller for user comfort. It’s ergonomically designed aluminum frame is supported by 8’’ wheels that truly grip surfaces to improve safety and performance.”

Features Include:

-Easy Fold Handlebar -Supports up to 400 lbs
-Dual Loop Hand Brakes
-Large Vinyl Storage Pouch

The Knee Walker folds nicely and fits in a trunk very easily. It weighs 21 pounds so it is super easy to load and unload. If you have a broken ankle, foot or any lower part of you is broken and you can not put weight on it, I highly suggest you look into getting a Knee Walker!

Buy It: The Free Spirit Knee Walker can be rented for 35.00 per week from!

Thanks to Knee Walker Central for loaning me a Knee Walker free of charge to test out!


  1. Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas says:

    Wow! That things looks super convenient…and you look so teeny on it!

    Can you zoom down the mall really fast? Looks like you could cause some trouble…haha

  2. LOL! My kids and husband would want to paint flames on it….

  3. Johanna @ Mama Chocolate says:

    That’s a brilliant contraption! I can imagine that it makes things much easier on you!

  4. That is too cool. I was wondering what you were going to do since they said put NO weight on it. Even with crutches you end up putting some weight on. I *hope* I never break anything that requires this, but at least I know it exists in case I do, lol.

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