How to Get Better and Longer Sleep as a Mom

Let’s be honest. Being a mom can be pretty exhausting. You’re responsible for your children’s health, their happiness, their comfort and security. You’re the Fairy Godmother, the Easter Bunny and Santa, all in one (sshh… not a word!) You’re their confidant, their protector and sometimes the target of all that youthful anguish. Yet no matter how many insults they hurl your way or how much you worry as a result of their latest antics, you continue to love them unconditionally. Of course you do. But the whole thing, the whole emotional rollercoaster of motherhood, can be enough to wear you out.Even still, you often find yourself lying in bed at night, unable to sleep. You’re exhausted from the events of the day, yet your mind is so filled with a million and one thoughts and anxieties that you can’t possibly settle down… no matter how much you want to!

Whether financial worries, summer holiday plans or school run schedules are keeping you awake, you need to nip that in the bud. Because getting enough, good-quality sleep not only benefits you; it benefits your kids, too. Sleep deprivation, for instance, is linked to some disorders that can actually be quite dangerous. While staying well-rested comes with a heap of physical and mental benefits. In short, getting enough sleep helps you to be a better mom. One that’s healthy and happy instead of constantly ill and irritable.

So as well as doing everything you can to look after your kids, you need to look after yourself. Starting with how you sleep. Check out these tips to get a better and longer sleep, even in your most trying moments of motherhood!

1) Enjoy some “you time”

In the midst of all the running around looking after your little ones, it’s easy to become disconnected to yourself. To lose the person you are and to spend every waking moment thinking about others, instead of enjoying some time to yourself. So make sure to carve out a little “you time” every day. Whether it’s a long walk after dinner, a hot bath in the evenings or a half hour of meditation each morning, leave your responsibilities to one side for a while. Be present in the moment with yourself and feel those anxieties slip away. You’ll sleep a lot better for it!

2) Accept help from others

No one expects you to be Supermom. And if you’re running yourself ragged, to the brink of sleep-deprived exhaustion, maybe it’s time to take a step back. To accept the offers of help from your partner, your friends and your family rather than attempting to do it all yourself. Whether it’s the little things, like your partner making dinner for a change, or the bigger things, like your parents babysitting for the weekend while you enjoy a spa break, say yes to it all. No one will judge you for it. It just proves you’re human.

Take this time to relax, rejuvenate and recharge those batteries. And you might find that drifting off at night suddenly isn’t that tricky after all…

3) Equip yourself

Sometimes a little sleeping aid goes a long way. And this doesn’t have to be of the pharmaceutical variety. No, it’s amazing what essential oils and candles can do! If I’m having trouble sleeping, I like to turn my bedroom into a sleep sanctuary; somewhere that makes me relax as soon as I step inside. I dim the lights or light some candles, I sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow and I play some relaxing ambient music (Moby’s latest offering is perfect for this)!

I used to find myself waking up in the night thanks to mysterious light sources in my room (usually from my husband’s camera charger. Grr). But that all stopped when I invested in an eye mask. It’s amazing that something so small and simple has made me sleep sounder, for much longer. Now I just have to worry about hearing my alarm when it goes off!

So there you have it, moms… a couple of ways to help you get a better night’s sleep, and to stay more relaxed in general. I hope they help you as much as they helped me, and that you get the rest you deserve!

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