My Fancy Princess: Silver Sequin Dress Up Shoes

Carlee loves to dress up as most little girls do! She has many princess dresses but has never owned a pair of dress up shoes! My Fancy Princess recently started carrying dress up shoes and when I saw the Girls Silver Sequin Shoes I knew they would be perfect for all of Carlee’s dresses.

“An extra special dress up shoe she will love to wear for both dress up play and dressy occasions. From the soft fabric top to the sparkling sequins, these dress up shoes will make any little girl feel like a princess!”

I choose the XS and they run very true to size. They are appropriately an 8.5 and a bit big on Carlee because she is a 7.5! The sequins are very securely held into place- not a single one has fallen off. The wedge like heel is just enough to make Carlee feel like she is wearing super fancy shoes with out them being so high she can not walk!

The shoes are super easy to take off and put back on and I find Carlee wears them almost every time that she has a dress on! I love that there are straps on top that can be either left on top or worn over the back of the heel for a more secure fit. Plus the non-skid soles make skipping and twirling  slip free!

They come in sizes XS to Large so you can purchase them to fit almost any princess!

Buy It: You can purchase a pair of Girls Silver Sequin Dress Up Shoes at for 26.95! They also come in pink! You can view all the other My Fancy Princess items Carlee loves by clicking here!


  1. Those are so cute and blingy!

  2. And this? Is why I need to have a girl. #diesofcuteness.

  3. Robin Quick says

    Oh my how cute those are! I wish I had a daughter to buy these for! Im hoping my boys(14 & 22) will give me granddaughters on day! lol

  4. Those are ADORABLE!! She looks like a little princess!

  5. Mary Gallardo says

    These shoes are absolutely beautiful! They beat any of those rubbery plastic shoes they sell as dress up shoes!

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