Angelina Ballerina: Dancing On Ice DVD

Angelina Ballerina: Dancing On Ice on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand on Tuesday, October 11th from Lionsgate And HIT Entertainment!

“Some sparkling performances are coming to Camembert Academy on the ice and on the dance floor! Angelina, Alice and all of their mouseling friends know the importance of practice for the big show. But when Angelina’s skates go missing, will she find them in time for her ice skating solo? And will AZ ever learn how to do the “Cheese Roll” like his Granddad taught him? With help from her friends and some creativity, Angelina discovers the magic of working together in this very special treat!”

Episodes Include:
“Angelina’s Lost Ice Skates”
“Angelina and Alice’s Big Night”
“Angelina’s Cheese Roll”
“Angelina’s Lunch Table”
“Angelina and Gracie’s Creative Day”

This film also includes a super fun bonus feature “Polly’s Picture Matching Game” with the DVD.  The film is a bit over an hour long and is targeted for ages 2-7.  Angelina Ballerina: Dancing On Ice has a suggested retail price of $14.98.

Carlee has recently fallen in love with Angelina. Our weather went from short and flip flop weather, to sweater and hat in a matter of days. The chilly weather really reminds the kids that winter will be here soon! Carlee’s favorite episode on this DVD isnt really about winter tho. It is “Angelina’s Lunch Table!” In this episode, Angelina’s friends are tugging and trying to pull her  in many different directions and she quickly realizes that she can not make all of them happy at the same time. Carlee loved all the episodes and sat glued to the TV the whole hour the shows were on! (Plus no commercials!)

Who is your, or your child’s favorite Angelina Ballerina character?


  1. Avatar Tabitha Evans says:


  2. Avatar Debbie jackson says:


  3. I would get the Angelina Ballerina Shining Star Trophy DVD

  4. Avatar Lisa Richards says:


  5. Polly is one of my favorites!
    Thank you!

  6. A.Z. is my favorite. Thanks gahome2mom/at/gmail/dot/com

  7. Avatar hollowsins says:

    I like Marco

  8. Avatar Colleen Maurina says:

    My favorite friend of Angelina’s is Viki!

  9. Avatar sarah shult says:

    I like A.Z.

  10. Avatar xxsquigglesxx says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite friend is Polly!

  11. Avatar Tanaya Syx says:


  12. Avatar Paula Lee says:


  13. Avatar jessica edwards says:


  14. Avatar Jen Rabenstine says:


  15. Avatar Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like Alice!

  16. Gracie 🙂

  17. AZ!

  18. Yellow is my favorite color so I love Gracie!

  19. I love Gracie the best.

  20. Avatar sindy murray says:

    I like Viki!

  21. My daughter likes Gracie (which also happens to be our cat’s name 🙂
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  22. Avatar Sherry S. says:

    I like Gracie.

  23. Avatar Bonnye Sensenig says:

    We love Ms. Mimi – Angelina’s Role Model!

  24. Avatar Anita Yancey says:

    I like Polly.

  25. Avatar Missy Lynnh says:


  26. Avatar Phaedra Seabolt says:
  27. Avatar malika liggin says:


  28. Avatar Stephanie-jean Weber says:

    Polly is darling 🙂

  29. Avatar Gina Hamm says:

    Polly is soooooo cute!!!

  30. Avatar Kari Howell says:

    I like Alice!

  31. Alice is my fav

  32. Polly

  33. Avatar rachel chilson says:


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