Greensboro Children’s Museum – Greensborn, NC

Disclosure: My families admission to the Museum was provided in exchange for this post.

Living on the road means that my kids see a ton of awesome places, do ton of awesome things and experience all things awesome. Often times, they quickly forget about these places so I always make sure to take lots of pictures to remind them. We visited the Greensboro Children’s Museum (GCM) in September and to this day, six weeks later my children still talk about it all the time.1GCM is a hands-on, interactive museum for children and their families. The Museum is designed to inspire learning through play in a fun, energetic and safe environment for children up to 10 years of age. The 37,000 square foot facility in downtown Greensboro includes over 20 permanent hands-on exhibits that are designed to stimulate children’s imaginations and provide educational play experiences.

The Market exhibit was our first stop. All my kids got to shop for nutritious foods, push around kid-sized carts and ring up customers using real cash registers. The Market is complete with a variety  of departments including produce, bakery, seafood and meat. My kids may have even had a baguette sword fight..12167713_10206893919180740_1543071854_nIn the Get Out & Play exhibit kids can climb aboard a real Volvo semi truck, pretend to drive a real police car or sit in the drivers set of a real fire truck.12They can also climb into the front seat of a race car!15My kids spent a ton of time in this exhibit. It also features an obstacle training course…13And a rock climbing wall!14Kids can climb aboard the Gate City Express in the Train Depot exhibit! A child-size steam locomotive that takes young visitors across NC and beyond. Purchase a ticket in the Elm Street Depot replica station, check luggage, don a vintage hat or scarf and wait for the conductor to signal, “All aboard!” 10Does your child strive to become a doctor? Then the Health Center exhibit may be there favorite place to hand. It features a Newborn Nursery, Pediatric Pals Doctor’s office and a Dental Den. The newborn dolls are ready to be bathed, weighed, fed and rocked.8Pretend to be a doctor or nurse wearing scrubs and stethoscopes, taking care of cuts, scrapes and broken bones. Become a dentist checking patients’ teeth for cavities and teaching them how eating healthy, brushing and flossing keeps teeth strong! Or attempt an operation on a life size Operation game board!7Myself and Caleb (14 months) spent most of our time in the gated Tot Spot exhibit. It was designed for the museums youngest visitors and is a safe area for children two and under.22It is filled with soft padded blocks, a variety of ride-on toys..5Bright colored balls, toys to grab and manipulate, mats for rolling around on and a cool sensory tunnel to crawl through!6Imaginations bloom as children cook, clean and play house in this 1930s Fisher Park replica, Nonie’s House exhibit. Kids can harvest eggs from chickens in the coop, hang laundry on the line, set the table, create a flower display, sweep, wash the dishes and have a afternoon picnic all without modern electronics.19In the Media Room exhibit kids can anchor a newscast..16Or forecast the weather!17The Campsite exhibit allows children to learn about the outdoors and camping. They can pretend to roast s’mores by the fire, play the shadow flashlight game and tell stories all before getting cozy in the big tent.11Neither rain, sleet, snow or hail will keep Our Town Post Masters from sorting the mail and loading packages onto the conveyor belt.20 Then they can deliver packages to stores around Main Street in a real Post Office truck all inside the Post Office exhibit.21Go Visit: GCM is located at 220 North Church Street in downtown Greensboro, directly across from the Central Library. The museums is open Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-5PM with extended hours on Friday till 8PM. Sunday they are open 1PM-5PM. Tickets are $8.00, children under 12 months are free and seniors are $7.00. Memorial Day to Labor Day – Military Personnel and their families receive free admission to the Museum.


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