#HoneyBakedHoliday Hassle Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Disclosure: This post brought to you by HoneyBaked Ham.

Hey, hey, hey guess what?!? Thanksgiving is only eight days away!!! That’s right! Only eight days. That’s only a little over a week, Oh I so can not wait! In my house, like many, Thanksgiving is all about the foooooood! This year, I am simplifying my meal (just like I did for Easter) and heading to the HoneyBaked Ham of Lancaster store the day before to pick up some goodies.

IMG_9881In our house it is always a fight about if we are doing Turkey or Ham. There is only enough room in my oven for one, so we have been flipping a coin every holiday. No more need for that. We just buy a bundle from HoneyBaked Ham. HoneyBaked Ham is of course best known for their ham however they also have turkey, sides dishes and desserts.

Their Turkey is tender, moist, juicy and low in fat. Plus it is finished with their irresistible sweet, crunchy glaze and available in Smoked or Roasted. We choose roasted and it pairs so well with warm Turkey gravy and mashed potatoes that I may never bake my own turkey again!


IMG_9875Their tender Boneless Ham is fully cooked, sliced and ready to serve – finished with an irresistible sweet, crunchy glaze that has the entire family asking for seconds and thirds no matter how much they have already ate!

IMG_9871Both the ham and the turkey are presliced, which this momma really appreciates. Believe it or not, I even get to eat before my food gets cold because I can skip carving the meat.

IMG_9876If your looking to make your Thanksgiving meal preperation a tad bit easier, HoneyBaked Ham is the perfect solution! I highly suggest you see if you have a store local to you and try them out!


Buy It: You can find a HoneyBaked Ham store near you by clicking here. If you buy a Ham and Turkey Breast bundle from now until 1/11/15 you can enter to win  a $25,000 HoneyBaked Kitchen MakeoverReal Mom Reviews Disclosure


  1. Alison Heitz says

    mmm i love honeybaked ham. i actually got one for christmas this year and it was fantastic!

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