Hops Burger Bar – Greensboro, NC

Hops Burger Bar in Greensboro, NCWhen I drove by Hops Burger Bar last week and saw how many people were waiting outside for a table I simply could not understand the hype. Its just a burger joint after all, or is it?1After a bit of googling, I figured out why there were so many people dying to get inside. Hops Burger Bar was recently mentioned in a round up of “America’s Most Delectable Burger Joints” by TripAdvisior.

“Serving premium Angus burgers on buttery brioche buns, this popular eatery pairs each patty with a side of crispy fries salted to perfection. Guests can choose from a variety of burger options including the Hops Classic, or the Hawaiian topped with sweet and spicy chili sauce, blue cheese and grilled pineapple. “Best burgers in Greensboro and beyond! If you like a thick and juicy burger, then this is the place for you,” commented a TripAdvisor reviewer.”

2The menu is the perfect size and features something for everyone. They specialize in burgers but also have salads and chicken. I was also highly impressed with their “wall of fries” options.3I’ve never had fried red onions, so we ordered that as an appetizer the second we sat down. They were flakey, crunchy and came with a dipping sauce that was simply to die for with just the right amount of heat.4Nathan ordered the North Carolinian, which is a certified Angus patty that is topped with applewood bacon, fried green tomatoes and a fried egg! An egg on a burger was new to us both, however the flavor combination of everything being smushed together between a bun was like a bomb of greatness going off in your mouth. 6None of the signature burgers spoke to me, so I customized my own burger and got it pulled pork and pico on mine! I love when restaurants offer separate prices on make your own products and Hops prices were just right.5If you plan to visit Hops anytime soon, prepare to wait. There are no reservations, however I believe the wait is worth the reward this time. You can learn more about Hops here- http://www.hopsburgerbar.com



  1. That food looks amazingly delicious! That’s quite an impressive fries selection.
    I had my first hamburger with fried egg the other day. It was at Applebee’s and is called the All-Day Brunch Burger.

    • I was also impressed with their fry selection. Normally I only have them three ways. With ketchup, gravy or cheese! It was a very pleasant surprise to have all those options!

  2. Avatar Eileen Richter says:

    Thats so cool you reviewed this! My neighbor is off to school here and the mom was just telling me how awesome this burger joint is. We would really like to visit either this coming spring or next if we can swing it. Holy cow…literally, these burgers are STACKED!

  3. I would love to have something like this in the town where I live as the food looks delicious. I love burgers but don’t really like chain restaurant fast food burgers.

  4. Wow! this burger looks so good, I want to stop at Hops! I know where I’m going next time we pass through NC.

  5. I haven’t been to Hops Burger Bar in Greensboro, but I sure would love to get there. As a matter of fact, I am going real soon!

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