How Can Defectively Designed Medicine Harm You???

Whenever we get sick, for treatment you have to rush to the doctor. The doctor will suggest medicine. These medicines are a life saver. People trust these medicines. Sometimes any drug may cause you harm.

There can be many reasons for the issues created after using medicines. But the use of defective medicines is the major one. These defectively designed medicines may cause severe issues and problems. Even use of such medicine may cause the death of the patient.

The Food and Drug Administration has developed several rules to evict defective medicines from the market. The authority has made stringent rules. But it is not easy to do so. It may take a longer time as medicines do not show their side effects at once. These issues are created after so many years.

Therefore we suggest that patients should check all the pros and cons of the medicine before use although the manufacturer company will claim that the drug is correct even when the patient has to look out all the elements.

Side Effects of Defective Medicines:

Some most essential and severe problems due to the use of defective medicines are as follows:

  • If certain defective medicines are taken during pregnancy, they may cause congenital disabilities or create any complication during delivery. These may also cause miscarriages also.
  • Excessive use of alcoholic medicines may cause severe headache, or other nerves issues may be created. It may also cause nausea and vomiting.
  • Some of the defective medicines cause diarrhea or constipation.
  • Insomnia is another dangerous side effect of using medicines with defects.
  • Some complementary medicines which patient is taking with regular medicines can cause severe damage as their reaction will be worst.

What to Do???

Basically, a defective medicine is one that does not match with its prescription and it is not mentioned by the manufacturer also. In case if you have used some defective medicine, you should follow the under mentioned steps:

  • Tell your doctor about all the medicines that you are taking. The list includes all prescribed medicines, complementary medicines and over the counter medicines. Your doctor will suggest a better idea.
  • If, after taking some medicine, you are not satisfied with the result then you should immediately consult with your doctor. Usage of such medicines should be stopped at once.
  • You must be aware of the emergency number of your area so that in the time of emergency, you can interact with someone at once.
  • You must take only prescribed medicines only.
  • You should not use Medicines of anyone else.
  • In case of severe damage from any defective medicine, you have the right to sue the liable company. The court will commence the trial. The accountable has to pay the liability. Zostavax shingles lawsuits are the best option in this regard.


Your health is very much. Important not for you but your loved ones also. Therefore you must take proper medicines as prescribed by the doctor. Over the counter, medicines should be prohibited strictly. In case you have to face health issues by using and medicine with defects, you can sue the liable manufacturer.


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