How To Be In-Demand Cyber Security Professional

Choose The Right Certification Tool and Practice Tests to Be In-Demand Cyber Security Professional

What does Cyber Security certification mean in the career of cybersecurity professional? Well, the answer for this cannot be easily defined since to start with, this cybersecurity certification is extremely well-regarded across the globe and it qualifies those who are prepared, proven, committed and skilled. Official Security certification helps you stand out from the long line of candidates who are competing in the cybersecurity industry. So, if you want to work at the positions like Chief Information Security, Chief Information Officer, Director of Security, IT Director, Security Systems Engineer or Security Analyst, you definitely need to get one of the following Security certification.

CompTIA CASP & Security+Certifications


CompTIA – a recognized worldwide as one of the nonprofit, paramount leaders in giving professionals esteemed cyber and IT security certifications. Over the years, CompTIA Security+ and CASP certifications have gained extreme popularity. All around the world these certifications are considered to be an important criterion for getting yourself enrolled in the IT sector.

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EC-Council CEHCertification


However, don’t limit yourself to CompTIA vendor only. Let’s have a look at another famous Security standards provider – EC-Council. Its’ Certified Ethical Hacker is a world-class credential that backs you up not just during your job application but also at the whole course of your career as a professional. Basically, individuals who can qualify for this certification are those whose passion and proficiency are driven by security practices and principles.

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Isaca CISMCertification


Also need to remember, that the right choice of certification is really essential in relation to your personal career path. This will let you know if the certification path you have chosen is the right one for your choice career or if you need to consider another one. In this regard pay your attention at Isaca CISM certification as well.CISM certification is globally recognized and acknowledged. Thus, getting this certification will allow you to work anywhere in the world as Security Professional.

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(ISC)² CISMCertification


So, as you see, it’s very important that you understand clearly what you are looking for to get certified properly. Otherwise, you might not know the areas to focus on. If you already have been equipped with the in-depth knowledge and skills and or have been highly-experienced, then you can try to get (ISC)² CISSP certification. Through experience and education, you’ll be able to learn essential (ISC)² domains areas. These are basically the topics covered in CISSP exam:

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Asset Security
  • Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security

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CISSP Exam Details


CISSP exam must be completed within the time limit of 3 hours. You must answer the total of 100-150 items presented in a multiple-choice format as well as advanced innovative items. For the Non-English exam, the exam will last for a span of 6 hours with a total of 250 multiple choice questions, including advanced innovative items. For all the exams, an inclusion of scenario-based items may be possible. Also, each of the exams includes about 25 pre-test items for research purposes.

If you have achieved a score of 700 points and above out of the 1000 points, then this means you have successfully passed the cybersecurity exam.

Preparing for the Exam


There are various training courses available to help you ace the exam. These can be in the form of a classroom-based course, online instructor-led, online self-paced and private on-site training. Each of this is designed to suit any test-takers learning needs, styles, and schedule. Aside from this, there are also a rich number of self-study tools that will further help you master the topics. These will allow you to regularly review and keep better note of the specific domains.  Official textbook, study guide, flash cards, and practice tests are accessible online. Taking the practice tests will give you a comprehensive view of the 2018 version of the exam with its 1300 practice questions.

Qualifying for the Certification


Successfully passing the exam will make you an official CISSP certification holder. In achieving so, you must have at least five years of security work experience in two or more of the CISSP’s eight domains. Moreover, CISSP certification has a required one-year work experience, which includes a four-year college degree. If you think you can’t reach the experience requirement, you can, of course, still, pass the exam. You just have to start your career as an Associate of (ISC)² as you work on your lacking work experience.

After passing the exam, you can now begin with the online endorsement process. Completing this ensures that the professional experience you have asserted is all authentic. The next step is to fully commit and support the (ISC)² Code of Ethics Canons.

Registering for the exam


The registering process begins after you’ve given your full commitment in earning the certification, which naturally means that you prepared for the exam. So, what’s basically missing to the CISSP puzzle is your registration! First, you must create an account with Pearson VUE so that you can schedule your exam. Pearson VUE serves as the exclusive administrator where all of the (ISC)² exams are offered worldwide.



  • With that, a CISSP certification holder is viewed by his or her colleagues and employers as a leader in the field one has taken. More importantly, it’s you who’ll know that you are a real certified leader! Your leadership skills will be honed through the process of availing the certification and then guaranteed once you become a certified professional.


  • This demonstrates your competence in your field. All that hard-earned, accumulated knowledge and practical skills you’ve learned will be proven through this certification. And because of this, it will largely serve as a difference-maker in the long run of your career.


  • Once you pass the required exam, you will be a part of the growing community involving 138,000 certified cybersecurity leaders. An (ISC)² membership allows you to interact with same-minded people at the same time polish your skills and be committed in your craft to the fullest.


  • You’ll also be exposed to peer networking, various educational tools, and other opportunities to help you grow as a professional. (ISC)² fosters a community of certified professionals who are always on the look for advancement.


  • This certification is especially regarded in the realm of IT security, as a matter of fact, it’s also “adopted as a baseline for the U.S. National Security Agency’s ISSEP program.” On top of that, you’ll be able to receive a higher salary and more chances for promotions. Though, this would also largely be according to the country you are in and the employer you are working for.


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If you want to get in a number of Information security leaders, then no doubts you need to get at least one mentioned certification to showcase are your proficiency in designing, implementing and managing a particular cybersecurity program. So, if you think you have what it takes to be Cyber Security Certification holder, then you better prepare and make the most out of your journey.




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