How to find the best mattress for your kid

A good mattress is essential for a good night sleep. This is the case for both the young and the old.  The right mattress for your kid can help strengthen the bones, enhance their body posture and promote deep sleep cycles that are necessary for good health. And since high quality mattresses can last for over a decade, it is important to find a good one that grows along with your child. When looking for a mattress for your kid, you should consider the same factors that you consider when looking for an adult mattress. covers this issue in detail.

Choose the right size

Most kids transition from crib mattress to a toddler’s bed at the age of between 2 and 3 years. However, if you want a mattress that will last for a long time, it is advisable to go for a twin XL or a twin mattress for a fully sized bed.  The mattresses are good for those who are either looking to save some space or have two children sharing a room. Alternatively, you can go for a full sized mattress that can accommodate an even older child and when you have visitors, the mattress can be used by two kids.  

The material used

Another feature to consider when looking for a kid’s mattress is the material used in the construction. This is particularly important because kids with an allergy can react with the mattress. Synthetic mattresses are known to cause conditions such as respiratory issues, skin irritations and other health complications. To prevent allergic reactions, you need to choose a mattress that is made of natural materials such as cotton, silk, bamboo and latex. Normally, the material used is indicated on a label that is attached to the mattress.  

Choose the right support

There are two types of support when it comes to mattresses. There are mattresses that are made using memory foams and on the other hand, there are those that are made using inner spring coils.  Innerspring mattresses are the most common in the market. They are not only comfortable, but also help the spine to remain straight. There is a more expensive spring coil mattress that is referred to as innerspring pocket mattresses. These come with springs that work independently from one another.  

Memory foam mattresses last longer than the standard coil spring mattresses. The good thing with these mattresses is that they take the form of a body shape and last longer than coil spring mattresses.  There are mattresses that come with a gel infusion that helps keep you cool through the night. Latex mattresses are of the highest quality and can last for about 30 years.

Comfort and durability

Different types of mattresses normally come in different levels of comfort. Therefore, it is important to go with the type that will be ideal for your kid. This is depending on their sleeping style. Back sleepers should go for firm mattresses. On the other hand, the softer mattresses are ideal for stomach sleepers. Also, choose a quality mattress form a reputable manufacturer so that it can last long.   p

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