How To Secure Your Home Against a Natural Disaster

The home is a sacred and special place. Our homes not only store our worldly possessions and give us a place to sleep at night, but they also provide a reliable and consistent method of protection from elements that are out of our control. And what is more important than having a safe place for you and your loved ones to find refuge when storms rage around you?No matter where you live, there are forces of nature–whether forest fires, hurricanes, tornados, or beyond–that can threaten the lives you so cherish if your home and preparedness is not up to the task.

Here, we’ll go over some basic domestic precautions to take now so your home and family will remain safe from whatever nature hurls at you.

Invest in Homeowner’s Insurance

A lot of homeowners overestimate their luck. Chances are, if you own a home, at some point there will be some type of natural force that causes damage to your property. If you have homeowner’s insurance, the cost to seek repairs will be monumentally lower than if you don’t have insurance to support repairs. In the long run, the monthly investment will save you money and give you peace of mind.


While not all homeowner’s insurance gives complete coverage for all types of natural disasters, you can select a type of insurance that works best for where you live. It is important to have coverage for hurricane damage if you live in Florida, but probably not necessary if you live in the midwest. Think through the specific needs you have based on your area and type of home, then choose the coverage that works best for you.

Know Who to Call in Emergencies

When disaster strikes, most of us reach for our phones. And while it is important to check in with family and friends to let them know you’re safe, there are other phone numbers you should have on hand in case of emergency as well. A major player? An emergency maintenance company.

With many situations, such as fires and floods, the damage will only get worse the longer it is left to fester. That’s why being aware of the local companies in your area that provide urgent maintenance services is so important.

For example, services from include 24/7 emergency home care in case of flooding, roof damage, dangerous mold, and more. Most cities have companies that offer similar services in case urgent situations arise.


Have a Plan

When you have a family, an emergency plan that everyone can understand and remember is incredibly important. From the oldest in the group down to the youngest kid, everyone must know their role in the plan in case a natural disaster strikes.

If a fire breaks out, what are the optimal ways to exit the house? Where will everyone meet upon exiting to ensure the whole family remains together and everyone is accounted for? If you own pets, make a plan that includes retrieving them from potential danger.

Write down what the course of action will be in different circumstances and go over the plan with your family from time to time to ensure everyone is on the same page. Your kids may roll their eyes now, but everyone will be grateful if ever the situation arises.

Make an Emergency Kit

In a high, dry place in your home, keep a box full of emergency essentials that you’ll need in the event of a natural disaster.

Items such as extra batteries and flashlights, blankets, portable chargers, and even canned or dry food items can all be stored in this space. Additionally, emergency medical equipment, such as bandages and medicine, can be kept as part of this kit.

This way, everything you need is within reach in case part of your home cannot be occupied or there is a severe power outage.

The Bottom Line

It is always better to be safe than sorry. And when it comes to securing your home and protecting your family in emergency situations, proactive steps taken now can mean a world of difference down the line.

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