Issa’s Edible Adventures

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Issa’s Edible Adventures.

All of my children learn best when technology is involved. Yes we still play boardgames, use note books and put puzzles together- but I find that they retain the knowledge better when the iPad is involved. With school out, I have been encouraging learning play for their time spent on the iPad and the first new game they tried was Issa’s Edible Adventures!

Issa is a bright young girl with an adorable pig (Tartufo) for a best friend. She spends her afternoons in her moms restaurant reading cookbooks, learning about food and culture and dreaming up stories.Each day, someone calls about a VIP foreign dignitary and requests a dish specific to his/her home country. Issa’s mom, Chef Layla puts her Sous Chef, Pierre, in charge of making the dish, and each day, he’s missing certain ingredients. Issa is always listening, and when she hears the dish and the first ingredient the cook is missing, she instantly knows how to help and where to go to find it. She crawls under the “pass” and is suddenly transformed into an adventurer. She flies a chopper with Tartufo and together they “root” out all of the ingredients Issas mom needs to prepare the dish. For each dish they need to fly around the world to pick up 3 ingredients in 3 different, beautiful global destinations. Along the way are clues to help get from one destination to another and to find the next ingredient. Additional Features Include:

  • Printable recipes to cook at home.
  • No time limits or scoring – just educational fun.
  • Safe for kids! No third-party ads.

You can download the app for free for IOS by visiting

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