Joovy: Toy Room² Playard

Disclosure: The playard the feature below was sent compliments of Joovy.

The Joovy Toy Room² Playard was made with pretend play in mind. My kids love role playing and pretending and this realistic toy helps me teach them good parenting habits even at a young age. It’s nothing huge- but each day I see my kids learn more and more just by playing with this toy. (example- Carlee will only put her babies on their backs to sleep now!)

It is built at a real playard factory standards and it functions just like the real thing, besides it being smaller (16.25×16.25×13 with a diagonal length of 22 inches) your child wont know the difference! The playard is the perfect for any size baby doll and often times, Carlee has more than one baby doll in the playard at a time.

It is super easy to take with us, it folds and unfolds like a normal Playard and it can be stored inside the included travel bag! To fold, simply twist the top rail on each side and pull up on the floorboard handle. I love that it is light enough (3 pounds) for my three year old to lug it around and it fits through doorways with out an issue.

The Joovy Toy Room² playard adds yet another super durable, high-quality toy to Joovy’s industry-leading line of doll accessories! Once your child uses this Playard, no other one will be good enough for their beloved baby dolls.

Buy It: You can purchase the Joovy Toy Room² Playard in both blue and pink dots for 34.99!


  1. Avatar Connie says:

    Ah, how sweet is that! Every little girl needs a safe place for her babydoll to play and sleep! 🙂

  2. Avatar Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    Awwww, I think that is just so precious and love that it can go with you just like a full-sized one.

  3. Aw, she is so adorable tucking her doll in in that last picture–love it! This is such a cute toy!

  4. Avatar Anne - Mommy Has to Work says:

    What a geat toy for a little girl!

  5. Avatar nicolthepickle says:

    Awww. so cute. Your little girl is adorable. And I’m sure that mine would love a playpen like that.

  6. I love how realistic it looks and of course, since it’s Joovy, it’s sure to last forever!

  7. My daughter would love this! She is obsessed with babies to bed! She makes them beds all around the house! When baby number 2 comes I am sure #1 will need one to use with her baby!

  8. Avatar Melinda@LookWhatMomFound...andDadtoo says:

    i love this. We had a playyard from another brand and it didn’t hold up. I guess the weight of a couple dolls was TOO much for it.

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