Ultimate Gift Guide For Kayakers

14017760_10209040351920217_913336003_nKayaking is a pretty freaking sweet hobby to have, if I do say so myself. However, start up costs can kind of be painful. You have to buy your boat, paddle and a proper life vest- then make sure you register your boat in the state you live. That means that there isnt a ton of money left over for accessories. But oh my gosh, there are so many accessories. I want them all!!

Ultimate Gift Guide For Kayakers

If you have a family member or friend that loves to Kayak and are searching for an awesome gift for them, check out some of the ideas below for inspiration.

Waterproof Phone Case– No one likes to be out on the water with out their phone and no one likes to have their phone anywhere near water. This issue is solved by protecting your phone in a waterproof case. I like this one because it has a long strap you can hang around your neck. If the boat happens to flip over, your phone is on you and safe.

Dry Bags– Much like you need a way to keep your phone dry, you need a way to keep your other important things dry. A dry bag is the perfect place for your first aid kit, matches and a compass.13612180_1268601736490871_4391932242656595905_nKayak Anchor– Getting out of your boat can be tricky at first. Getting out of your boat and then securing your boat to the shore can be even harder. An anchor means you don’t have to waste time trying to find something to tie your kayak around, just drop it in the water.

Sun Shade– Being out on the water for more than a few hours means your getting a ton of sunshine, right on your shoulders and back. Combat this by installing a sun shade to cut down on exposure.13872960_1293082644042780_7997464005783912975_nPaddle Grips– The first part of my body that is sore when kayaking is my hands. Paddle grips give a more cushy feel to where your hands go and help alleviate some of the pressure.

Bilge Pump- Water in your kayak is uncomfortable. Too much water in your kayak is unsafe. Easiest way to get water out is to use a bilge pump.13592450_1262383200446058_8451867601337558366_nPaddle Leash– Typically paddles are designed to float. This means if your paddle accidentally gets dropped into the water it will rise to the surface. But if there is any current it could rise to the surface farther away than you can reach. A paddle leash allows you to pull it right back to you.

Waterproof Speaker– Having a high quality, Bluetooth compatible waterproof speaker is a great way to be able to listen to tunes while you paddle away.

Crank Flashlight– I try and make sure everything has fresh batteries before I go out on the water. A crank flashlight is great to carry around for unexpected events that may keep you out on the water longer than you expected. 05cbf0b7afa35af652ae1100d33aec15

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