Keep Your Guests Comfortable With A Memory Foam Bed

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We love having visitors at our house. Family and friends come over often to spend time with the kids and I love being a hostess. What I do not love is at the end of the night only having my couch to offer them as sleeping quarters. Our current home has plenty of living space but only enough bedrooms for us. After a few searches online I realized that air mattress are no longer just for camping. Then I found the Fox Signature Memory Foam Bed from and knew it would be perfect for our over night visitors!

IMG_6678The Fox Signature Memory Foam Bed is the most luxurious ‘air mattress’ I have ever seen. It is topped with a one inch foam topper and feels just like a regular mattress and when all set up looks just like a normal bed. I would highly suggest getting one, or if not, you should read a few more guides on foam beds. For instance, did you know that there are different types of memory foam mattresses out there? Also, be sure to know what type of sleeper you are as there are special foam beds for side sleepers and you definitely would want to get one that is right for you.

IMG_6672When fully inflated the foam bed is 25 inches off the ground and can be covered with the included washable protective sheet, that covers the sides and bottom- my guests literally have no idea that the bed is an air mattress till I tell them! The gray Puncture Proof cover wraps the entire airbed with a protect cover, preventing any small leaks from happening from curious cats.

IMG_6677The bed inflates and deflates much like my SleepNumber bed, with jut the push of a button the bed can be adjusted to any comfort level. We use this bed all the time. Movie nights are now so much easier because I inflate it and the kiddos crash on the bed.

IMG_6688And my over night guests give it two thumbs up, or should I say two eyes closed?

IMG_6692There are a few issues I encountered with the air mattress that are unfortunately to major not to mention. To keep the bed inflated all night long it must be plugged in. This means taking it camping is not an option. The real flaw with this bed is storing it. The travel bag it comes with is thin, large and pretty useless. When we are ready to store the bed we tightly roll each section and place them in the bag. Immediately the memory foam and the main air mattress part start to expand. Leaving the bag a large blob that is impossible for me to move around. The bag is literally bigger than my end table.

Would this stop me from purchasing the Fox Signature Memory Foam Bed? No. The comfort of this bed is unlike anything I am able to offer my over night guests. However I am a bit upset that such a major feature of a 329.99 MSRP dollar bed was over looked. To store the bed a different travel bag must be purchased.

Buy It: You can purchase the Fox Signature Memory Foam Bed for 259.99 from

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  1. Avatar Thomas Jackson says:

    Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I am looking for a guest bed right now. You don’t happen to have the link to this same bed do you? It looks big with all your kiddos on the bed. lol. Thanks for the review, very helpful.


  2. Avatar Thomas Jackson says:

    Never mind, haha. I saw the link moments after I submitted my comment. Thanks again Skye.

  3. Avatar Racquel S says:

    We need some extra sleep spots for our house too and this would be great to have…love that it comes w/ a memory foam top too!

  4. Hmm, I am torn. It would be nice to have something super comfortable (memory foam top!!!) for extra guests. We can comfortably have a couple of guests as we have a loft bed with trundle in the big kid’s room and a full bed in the baby’s room (and the baby sleeps on the trundle in the big kid’s room when we have guests). However, I don’t like that the bed has to be plugged in to stay inflated. We already have an air mattress that we take tent camping and leaving it plugged in all night is clearly not an option.

  5. Avatar Karen Glatt says:

    I think that this is a good deal for this good of a memory foam air bed. It looks so comfortable, and I bet it feels like sleeping on a real memory foam bed. I would love to get one of these. They are big and can hold the weight very well.

  6. Avatar Sandy VanHoey says:

    I want one of these…no kidding, This is great. We have a bunk bed set that has this thin little mattress on it in our spare bedroom and it’s like having nothing at all. This would be perfect for that

  7. Avatar Mary Mosier says:

    Love it… I really would like to have one of these, would come in handy for the holidays!!

  8. We also had an air mattress that needed to be plugged in all night. The sound was quite loud. How was the motor on the one you tested?

  9. Avatar Jen Rodrigues says:

    This looks like a real mattress and looks super comfy. Looks way better then the blow up ones. Thanks for sharing. Would love to try this mattress especially for guests.

  10. Avatar Paula Weintraut says:

    I Just wanted a small memery foam for my girlfriends guest bed and this is perfect. Thank you for the link. It is so nice to have a spare bed for the kiddos to come and stay with me and my girlfriend comes to Florida for the winter from Michigan. Thank you so much.

  11. Avatar Renee Ashley Hanna says:

    This looks so comfy!! I just recently heard of these and your review really makes me want to go out and buy one for myself. I need a new mattress anyways. Thanks for another awesome review!!

  12. We need a spare bed for visitors as we only have one bedroom – this would be a great solution for us especially because we good storage space.

  13. Avatar Kelly Hubbard says:

    I love the fact you gave the good with the bad, not being able to use it camping is major to me. I just moved here to Wi and I want to go camping this summer. Also I think this would be perfect for our spare room as we have a few outlets in it

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